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Formed in Los Angeles, California, circa 2000, Silversun Pickups have been an influential band in the alternative and indie scenes for more than a decade. The first iteration of the band actually went back to its original form, with Jack Kennedy, Elvira Gonzalez, Brian Aubert and Nikki Monninger involved. Now, it is composed of two original members - Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger - as well as new members Chris Guanlao and Joe Lester. This is an internationally touring band that has earned the respect and admiration of a full generation of indie rock n' roll fans, and has effectively brought the turn of the millennium sound into the mainstream.

Charting singles and awards
Starting with "Kissing Families" in 2006 and making their way to "Circadian Rhythm" in 2016, this band has produced a wealth of singles that have topped the charts. Other popular tunes include "Future Foe Scenarios," "Panic Switch," "The Pit," and "Nightlight." Countless appearances on the Billboard charts have earned this band an understated level of acclaim. Interestingly, the only Silversun Pickups appearance at the prestigious Grammy Awards was for their nomination as Best New Artist in 2009, despite having already been in the mainstream for years at that point.

Major influences
The band was influenced by the rock giants that preceded them most closely, including The Pixies, Modest Mouse and other alternative legends from the late 80s and 90s. The Velvet Underground certainly had a big impact on the Silversun Pickups as well. More recently, it became clear that they have been a bit more entrenched in the electronic music scene, as certain sounds in their latest catalogue are indicative of modern times. Silversun Pickups have been touring for nearly two decades, and began much larger-scaled live pursuits relatively early on in their career. You can still find some cheap Silversun Pickups tickets as they tour their new album "Better Nature" across the United States and abroad. Silversun Pickups have withstood the test of time by transforming their sound alongside the evolution of the popular alternative rock scene. Critics have hailed the band for their 2015 album and its experimental elements when compared to their other work. Because the Silversun Pickups have amassed so many fans over the years, tickets will be hot – get yours today!

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