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Punk rock and Irish attitude complement each other perfectly in the boisterous music of Flogging Molly, the most popular Celtic rock band around. With fans all around the globe, cheap Flogging Molly tickets tend to sell fast. Pick yours up here to sing along to their frenzied, full-throttle music live!

A perfect blend results in a brash harmony
Dublin-born Dave King had always considered traditional Irish music a huge influence on his own rock and roll style. After moving to Los Angeles, he started a Celtic rock band in 1993. They built a loyal fan base by performing weekly at a pub called Molly Malone's – which inspired their band name. Their rowdy, frenzied on-stage attitude has always been at the heart of their popularity, and in 1997 they released their debut record, a live album called Alive Behind the Green Door. Flogging Molly manages to mix punk rock with not just the sounds of traditional Irish music, but also the themes – the drinking songs, the sorrowful melodies, the bawdy ballads. Singles like "Salty Dog," "Drunken Lullabies," "Seven Deadly Sins," "The Likes of You Again," and "Black Friday Rule" have made Flogging Molly a mainstream success.

With Life Is Good out in 2017, fans are eager to see the band perform their new music in their sensational live style. Snag your cheap Flogging Molly tickets today to rock out with these punks at a Flogging Molly concert near you!

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