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Staking their claim in the alternative rock world early and boldly, Bowling for Soup hasn't slowed down in over twenty years. Fans who have followed them since their early years in Texas are always on the lookout for cheap Bowling for Soup tickets, so pick yours up here to secure your spot rocking out at a show near you!

A punk rock drive that can't be stopped
Growing up in Wichita Falls, Texas, the future members of Bowling for Soup spent their adolescence devoted to heavy metal and punk rock. After playing together in several different bands, the young artists pulled together as Bowling for Soup, taking their name as an homage to a Steve Martin act. Rigorously playing the local circuit and recording music paid off, and in 2000 Bowling for Soup released Let's Do It for Johnny!! on the Jive label. Their sophomore Jive release included the Grammy nominated hit "Girl all the Bad Guys Want," which was followed by their most popular single, "1985," off their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve. They toured with Simple Plan and appeared on movie soundtracks, all while prolifically recording new music. The band terrified fans when they announced a 'final tour' of the UK in 2013, but it seems like Bowling for Soup has zero plans to slow down.

Bowling for Soup concerts are always a wild time, with beloved classics and mischievous antics. Die-hard fans rush to see these pop punk rockers live, so make sure you grab your cheap Bowling for Soup tickets now before they all vanish!

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