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Boxing is one of the oldest and most intense sports played today. Boxers are some of the most dedicated and focused athletes, fighting man-to-man with just their fists. For spectators it's non-stop tension, waiting to see who will get the first hit in and if it will topple their opponent. Get your cheap boxing tickets here to secure your spot ringside! Boxing matches are electric places, full of energy and tension. A boxing round can end quickly with a quick and powerful hit by one of the boxers. Millions of people tune in to watch televised boxing matches, but it's nothing compared to being part of the buzzing crowd yourself! Some of the most popular boxing matches sell out quickly, so don't wait to get your cheap boxing tickets. Boxing is a historical sport with such legends as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Joe Louis, George Foreman, and many more! It started as a sport in the Olympics and has since grown to an international phenomenon. You can see impressive boxers in both professional and amateur matches, including at the amateur boxing World Championships! Find a boxing match near you and get in on the action — order your cheap boxing tickets here today!

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