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Tickets for Tower of Power can be purchased here. Tower of Power made their debut on the funk music scene in the early 1970’s. Founding members Emilio Castillo, Stephen (“Doc”) Kupka, Francis Rocco Prestia and David Garibaldi got together in the Bay Area around Oakland, CA to become one of the best known funk bands in existence today.

Through the years the band has transformed itself (David Garibaldi left twice and returned twice), but Tower of Power’s fan base is unwavering. Loyal concert goers often travel to follow the band, much like Grateful “Deadheads.”

Saxophonist Emilio Castillo started it all in Oakland, California. At the tender age of 18, Emilio sealed his fate in the funk world by heeding his father’s advice and hiring baritone saxophonist Stephen (“Doc”) Kupka for his garage band, The Motowns. Fun Fact: Castillo calls TOP’s sound, “urban soul music.”

Doc Kupka hailed from Berkley, California. Only a year older than Emilio, his influences were The Coasters and Bobby Bland. Soon they were writing songs together and quickly made their mark on the music scene. Their soulful, rebellious sound resonated with Oakland’s restless minority population. Fun Fact: Doc came up with the concept behind TOP’s hit song “What is Hip,” stating, “What’s hip today might be passé tomorrow.”

In 1970, the band grew to include David Garibaldi on drums and Francis Rocco Prestia. After one night playing at the Fillmore, they were signed by Bill Graham’s San Francisco Records and their funk legacy began. Now Tower of Power concert tickets are in high demand.

David Garibaldi has evolved into the funk music world’s most imitated drummer. His controlled drumming style, combined with his methodical and structured beats, make him the envy of every funk drummer. However, you won’t catch him boasting about his mastery of ghost notes. Despite his fame, he is very humble and reserved. He will be the first to tell you that practice makes all the difference where drumming is concerned. In fact, Garibaldi is also the author of several instruction booklets designed to break-down the some of the rhythms he is most known for, including the seven-a-diddle. Fun Fact: Garibaldi is left-handed.

So where did Francis Rocco Prestia come from? When he auditioned with his electric guitar, Castillo immediately saw potential, but persuaded Prestia to switch to electric bass. Prestia and Garibaldi hit it off instantly and their in-the-pocket grooves provide the backbone of Tower of Power. Today, Prestia is considered a master of personalized finger style funk. Fun Fact: In 2001, fans, family and friends set up a foundation to help pay for life-saving liver transplant surgery for Prestia. The surgery was successful and he recovered in 2002.

Tower of Power is a legendary funk sensation. With 10 band members, their stage presence is an awesome force of dynamite. To get Tower of Power tickets you may have to compete with their legions of adoring fans, or you can get Tower of Power cheap tickets here.
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