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“The Book of Mormon” tickets are some of the hottest musical tickets available right now. As of mid-2012, the show has played on Broadway for two years straight. It's won nine Tony Awards, including an award for Best Musical.

“The Book of Mormon” tells the story of two Mormon missionaries sent to a remote Ugandan village to share their Mormon faith. Only one of the missionaries is well-versed in Mormon scripture. Both have trouble connecting with the local villagers. The villagers are more concerned with the threats of a local warlord, hunger, poverty, and the specter of AIDS than they are with outsiders' religious teachings. The show pokes fun at both organized religion and traditional musicals while acknowledging the value of both. As Ben Brantley wrote in his review in “The New York Times,” "These numbers are witty, ridiculous, impeccably executed, genuinely stirring and – contrary to expectation – free of snark or satirical malice."

The show's success is not a surprise when you consider its pedigree. The story, lyrics and music were written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. Stone and Parker are the minds behind the hit animated series “South Park,” as well as political satire film “Team America: World Police.” Stone and Parker's talent for musical satire and parody were showcased in both of those previous productions, as well as in their first collaboration, “Cannibal: The Musical.” Robert Lopez's previous credits include co-writing and co-composing “Avenue Q,” a puppet-filled, adult-oriented send up of children's programming like “Sesame Street.” The “South Park” creators were advised to go see “Avenue Q” because of its similarities to “Team America.” They secured an introduction to Lopez, who said that “Team America” had a substantial influence on his work. The trio decided to collaborate on a Broadway musical. “The Book of Mormon” underwent seven years of development before the creators considered it ready to share.

Those unable to travel to New York can still indulge in this musical spectacular. The show goes on the road in the summer of 2012. Show tune and dark humor fans will be able to find “The Book of Mormon” musical tickets in cities throughout the country. Wherever you are, get yourself to a performance. This musical is inspired, inspiring, wickedly funny, and utterly original. It is, without a doubt, one of the funniest shows currently playing on Broadway.
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