Rugby, the quintessential English alternative to soccer, has made its way to the U.S. Today, you can get cheap rugby tickets and enjoy this historic game for yourself. Understanding a little more about the game and where it came from will help you appreciate it as you enjoy those tickets to rugby matches you purchase.

Legend has it that rugby originated from a game much like modern soccer, or football as it is known in Europe. In the mid 1800s a young man named William Webb Ellis, a student at Rugby School, was rumored to have picked up the ball and ran with it during a match. This sparked an interest in new rules for the game that involved holding and running with the ball, and thus a new sport, named rugby, was born. With tickets for rugby matches, you can get a taste of this history for yourself.

The debate over whether or not it was legal to carry the ball when playing the game went on for around 40 years. While the debate raged, the game spread to other schools, and eventually representatives from 11 of them met at Freemason’s Tavern in London to write down the rules. The representatives could not agree on whether or not it should be legal for players to carry the ball and hack at each other. As a result, from this meeting, two games developed: football (soccer) and rugby. It was not until 1870 that the rules for rugby were standardized.

Once the rules were finalized, the game spread quickly to other countries, and demand for cheap rugby tickets was quite high. By the 1900s, rugby was played all around the globe, and it was in the 1900 Olympics. In spite of its complex rules, the game has developed quite a following. Today, rugby teams in America draw large crowds, and the demand for tickets to rugby matches continues to grow.

Those who hold tickets for rugby matches will attest to the fact that the game is a test of endurance. Play rarely stops, only stopping in the event of an injury, and thus players must be in the best possible shape to endure the two 40-minute halves. One of the joys of landing cheap rugby tickets is the ability to watch skilled athletes perform these rigorous activities.

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