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One of the most common attractions for those that love the sport in the U.S. is college lacrosse tickets. The collegiate level sport includes 63 NCAA Division I men's teams as well as 46 Division II teams. There are 189 at the Division III level, too. These teams compete for their spot in the final competition. Final four tickets are a big draw because it brings together the best of the best to compete for the big title. 209 teams play at the Collegiate Lacrosse Association level. The National College Lacrosse League features another 107 teams.

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For those lucky enough to check out international lacrosse, there are often events available for that, too. The game is played mostly in the United States and Canada. However, there are teams from the UK and Australia that may even travel to the U.S. for the game. Perhaps you were lucky enough to attend the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in 2003, when teams came together from six countries to play in Canada. There is also the European Lacrosse Championships, which do not include the U.S.

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