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Kendrick Lamar was just eight years old when he saw a music video by Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. This turned out to be a very significant moment, as it spurred Lamar to become interested in being a performer. By 16, he had released his first mixtape using the name K. Dot. This tape quickly led to a record deal, and he was on his way.

The new record deal resulted in a 26-track mixtape two years later, and people began to want Kendrick Lamar tickets. Even more people bought tickets for Kendrick Lamar after he appeared on the stage with Charles Hamilton and proceeded to battle the rappers there.

After releasing his third mixtape, Lamar decided to get rid of his stage name and perform under his real one. He quickly followed up by releasing an EP named after himself, and his popularity continued to grow.

By 2011, Lamar had become incredibly hot. When he released a solo project, Section 80, it sold 10,000 digital copies in its first week. What makes this amount of sales so special is that the project had not yet had any radio or television coverage. Needless to say, he had no trouble getting people to buy Kendrick Lamar concert tickets either.

For all this time, Lamar had worked with independent labels to produce recordings while touring and performing for people with Kendrick Lamar tickets. This year, however, he ended up with a major label. This was pretty much by default. His record company, Top Dawg Entertainment, signed a joint venture contract with Interscope Records. As a Top Dawg artist, he came under the umbrella of that deal. It is unknown whether he will stay with Interscope when his own contract ends or if he'll seek out another independent label.

Lamar's excitement for the year doesn't stop with the label change. He is currently touring and promoting his latest album to those who hold Kendrick Lamar concert tickets. He is also working on another album, this one with J. Cole. It is unknown when this new album will be released, but it is possible that people with tickets for Kendrick Lamar will hear some previews at upcoming shows.

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