Fans of professional football who do not like sitting outside to watch their favorite NFL team play can get a little relief from the cold weather by rooting for their favorite AFL team in the spring and summer. The AFL is the professional indoor football league in American and fans can buy AFL tickets to see teams playing inside instead of outside. For people who are buying AFL tickets for the first time, there are some things about the game that are slightly different from NFL games.

The football field for AFL games is a little smaller than NFL fans are used to. The benefit of this is that holders of AFL tickets get to see a football game that has a little quicker pace. Often, scoring in AFL games is higher for this reason. The AFL has been around since the 1980s and tickets for AFL games have been available since the league formed and began playing for fans across the United States. Indoor football fans can buy tickets for AFL games of over 15 different U.S. teams in the league. And like NFL games, fans can even get AFL cheap tickets for local games. Of course, the league has playoffs at the end of the season when it can be difficult to find any AFL cheap tickets at all since there is a lot of demand for AFL final tickets for the showdown.

The National Conference and the American conference makes up the AFL's two conferences, with two divisions in each conference. The season for buying tickets for AFL games runs after the NFL season. It starts in March and runs through the summer to end in August. Fans can buy tickets to AFL games each week, which is when the games are played. League rules have each team with two weeks off and a total of 18 weeks where fans can get tickets to AFL games by the team. Indoor football fans who buy in advance can often get some AFL cheap tickets to their games of choice.

Of course, the real excitement for tickets to AFL games comes at the end of the season. This is when AFL fans can get AFL final tickets to see four teams from each conference go head to head in the playoffs for the season. At the end, that leaves just two teams to compete in the Arena Bowl, which is the AFL equivalent of the Super Bowl. Getting AFL final tickets to the bowl game can be challenging if you do not shop early. Shop here for the best selection of available tickets to see your favorite AFL team.

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