World music refers to music that is considered to be all of the music from around the world, not having its roots in any particular genre or category. It is instead the roots of all music, the traditional sounds of different cultures, often referred to as folk music. World music has historically been recorded and performed by indigenous musicians as a way to share a message or story about the regions where they are from. Listen to world music by ordering world music festival tickets. We sell world music concert tickets for your convenience. Start your search for cheap tickets to world music today!

Some of the examples of world music include music of the Far East, as being non-European in origin. This incorporates Indian raga music, Japanese koto music, and Tibetan chants. Eastern European origins in world music include music from the villages of the Balkans and Nordic folk music. Other forms of world music hail from South and Central America, Africa, and the Middle east. One example of world music that has bridged the gap between the roots of traditional folk music and the world of modern music is by Alan Stivell of Breton, with his album Renaissance of the Celtic Harp from the 1970s. If you are interested in listening to world music live and in person, order your tickets to world music events here. We offer the best deal for cheap tickets to world music on the Web. Search for world music tickets for sale now.

World music has evolved in the modern cultures to become a blend of traditional instruments and sounds from all across the globe, considered the globalization of world music. Names given to this new type of world music include worldbeat, global fusion, world fusion, or ethnic fusion. Some examples of the best of world fusion include the pan-cultural sounds of Aomusic; the meld of Irish and West African sounds known as Afro Celt Sound; and the jazzy Finnish folk sounds from Varttina. Listen to these musicians and many others when you purchase tickets for world music. You can find tickets for world music at an affordable price using our secure ticket ordering system. Start your journey into the sounds of the world when you order tickets for world music. Look for world music concert tickets or world music festival tickets here. We have world music tickets for sale for you!

In the Western Hemisphere, pop sounds have muddled world music to create a modernized melting pot of traditional tunes. For instance, Paul Simon and his highly successful solo album Graceland features the sounds of South African Mbaqanga. Other examples include Peter Gabriel and his collaboration with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani Sufi singer. More recent innovations of world music in the West include the Indie rock band Vampire Weekend, as well as Yeasayer and The Very Best, all of whom draw inspiration from Paul Simon. Listen to the earthy tunes with world music festival tickets or world music concert tickets. Find world music tickets for sale here! Use our convenient and trustworthy ordering system to secure your cheap tickets to world music.