Rhythm and blues, more often referred to as R&B, originated in the 1940s. The genre's name was invented in 1949 by Jerry Wexler of Billboard Magazine. Billboard used the R&B designation for its chart until 1969, at which point they started to call it "soul" instead.

Throughout the decades, R&B has undergone many changes and now describes an entirely different sound than that of its early days. In the 1950s, it often overlapped the emerging rock genre. Elvis hits such as "Jailhouse Rock" and "All Shook Up" topping the R&B charts during that era.

By the 1970s, R&B had become a blanket term encompassing many sub-genres, including funk, disco and soul. Rock and roll had already become its own genre and has since spawned its own set of sub-genres – some of which are now so different from classic R&B that it's impossible to guess its roots just by listening.

In modern times, R&B is much different than the way it sounded in the beginning. Contemporary R&B came about after disco's fall from popularity in the 1980s. It has elements from many other genres ranging from hip-hop to soul and old-time R&B. It also makes extensive use of the vocal style known as melisma. In this style, one syllable is spread out over several notes.

Some people refer to this music style as urban contemporary after the name of the radio format that plays it. The radio format, however, also includes hip-hop. Therefore, the urban contemporary label is not as specific as the name "contemporary R&B."

Those who buy R&B music tickets can generally expect to hear music that have smooth vocals, a drum machine backing, and occasionally, a saxophone included in the beat. The rhythm element is much more pronounced than it was even during the beginnings of contemporary R&B. Modern audiences also favor individual singers over groups.

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