Blues and Jazz are two of the oldest musical art forms in the United States history, both dating back to the early 20th century. Although they are old musical forms, the expression of blues music and jazz music exist today, both as their own musical style, as well as adding to many other modern musical style including rock as it has existed over the years. If you’re looking to see a show, you will find a variety of jazz festivals and blues festivals, and have found the best choice in regards to finding cheap tickets for this type of musical style.

Many people believe blues and jazz to be the same type of music and to have been around for the same amount of time, but this is a myth. Blues music has actually been around a little bit longer, having come to the US at the end of the 19th century. Blues was developed from African-American communities in the Deep South areas of the United States. It began as a series of spiritual songs, shouts, chants, narrative ballads, and rhymes, and resulted in a brand new music genre and form of music. Popular blues musicians include Willie Dixon, Albert King, and Cassandra Wilson.

Jazz was created after blues, starting around the beginning of the 20th century, in similar communities as blues music. Blues is one of the biggest inspirations for the development of the jazz musical styles. Jazz uses a variety of blues notes, as well as poly-rhythms, improvisation, and syncopation. Some popular jazz musicians include Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller. The difference between blues and jazz is that jazz is more of a continuation of blues, while using a variety of different instruments. Both jazz festival tickets and blues music tickets can delight the senses.

You can find jazz and blues music at a variety of venues throughout the US and Internationally. Most often, you can hear this type of music live at jazz or blues clubs. You will also be able to find tickets for other venues such as music festivals, concerts, symphony halls, and other types of live music venues. If you’re looking for cheap jazz tickets or discounted blues tickets, the best place to look is our site. With us you’re lucky, you can find your jazz and blues music tickets at a fraction of the price.

If you’re interested in attending a blues or jazz festival, there are a variety of them offered throughout the US. Some are dedicated to blues, some to jazz, and some like the Burlington Jazz ‘n Blues Festival feature both. Some of the other popular and well-known festivals include the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Litchfield Jazz Festival, Center City Jazz Festival, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival, Big Muddy Blues Festival, and the Byron Bay Bluesfest. For blues festival tickets or jazz festival tickets, we've got some of the lowest prices around.

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