Throughout history, dancing and music have gone hand in hand. From the early years of jazz and rock to today's modern techno and house music, many kinds of popular music has made listeners want to tap their feet and move their bodies to the beat. There is nothing quite like losing yourself in the sounds and rhythms of a great dance song -- and today's musical acts in electronica and dance music give listeners an opportunity to do just that.

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In the past, "dance music" could refer to a number of different genres. Even before the development of radio, people were dancing to old time jazz and doing the charleston. Polkas and waltzes were popular in Europe and eventually migrated their way over to the United States. The birth of rock n' roll in the 1950s brought a new generation a whole different type of dance music to enjoy and define themselves with. Teenagers danced to Elvis, the Beatles and many others.

The next noteworthy evolution of dance music took place in the 1970s with the advent of the disco age. It was a very different style of dance music, and needless to say, it brought with it a whole different style of dancing. Polyester clothing and flamboyant moves characterized this unique dance craze.

Throughout modern times, pop and R&B music have been staples on the dance floor. The 1980s had its own flavor of pop music, with the pop music of the 90s taking on a more alternative flair. This was followed by the music of the 2000s, which had a more computer generated style. This included the birth of the "auto-tuned" voice used by Cher in some of her dance songs, and popularized more recently by Lil Wayne in dance and hip hop songs.

These days, electronic music infiltrates the airwaves and dance floors of America and many other countries. Some examples of electronic groups of the last few decades are Depeche Mode, The Human League, Attack Attack! and I See Stars. Electronic music has been referred to as techno, rave music, trance music and acid house.

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