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Does listening to Jazz fill you with a wave of emotions? If so, you are probably looking for Chris Botti concert tickets. Chris Botti concerts are like the ultimate musical corridor connecting kindred souls and spirits—bridging the gaps between both genres and generations. His ability to perform with a seemingly unconnected group of artists is a testament to his skill and musical diversity. Even though he was bilingual as a young child—speaking both Italian and English—it is obvious his preferred language is spoken through his trumpet. The best way to experience his remarkable artistry is to buy Chris Botti concert tickets for premium seats in the performance hall.

You won’t hear Botti tooting his own horn, but murmurings are starting to circulate about his innovative artistic style. Some are saying he may be the next great jazz legend. Botti claims he is still working on his performance and style. Lately he has been working on ways to bring more “show” to his concerts. Botti likes the communication between the audience and the performer on stage—something that he sees with Sinatra and Sting. When you get tickets for Chris Botti, watch for subtle changes as his delivery style evolves.

Impressions was the perfect name for Chris Botti’s CD. The CD is truly a collaborative effort with writers like David Foster and Joaquín Rodrigo. There is an improvisational wonder that Chris and Herbie Hancock put together in just one afternoon session. Every combination of vocalist and musicians was hand chosen to leave an impression. Each tract has something special. Country singer Vince Gill joins Botti and other musicians, like pianist John Jarvis, for a truly unique rendition of Losing You. Get your Chris Botti tickets for a concert near you featuring one of more of these soothing interpretations.

With your tickets for Chris Botti you will hear innovative musical interpretations that never try to transform pieces into pure jazz. Rather than overpowering other styles, Botti works to integrate and refine the works he chooses to perform. He adds rather than removes layers. His approach works with individual vocal styles, instrumental masterpieces and pop-culture favorites. Adding Chopin’s Prelude No.20 in C Minor to his repertoire adds intimacy and connectivity. As more people become familiar with Botti through his CD's, Chris Botti concert tickets will sell out faster. Set a date early, make plans and order your own Chris Botti tickets while you still can.

After years of slowly developing his personal style, Botti is settling into a comfortable place as a talented, world-class performer. His fans are buying CD's and tickets for Chris Botti concerts in increasing numbers. He spent time abroad building an international following and currently spends approximately 300 days every year on the road. Whether you are looking for melodies, lyrically pieces or pure jazz, you can get it all with Chris Botti tickets.

Chris Botti is a young, talented trumpeter. He has an innovative sound with dramatic cross-genre-jazz hues and colors that are his alone.
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