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Don’t discount his age before you listen to his music. Known as Avicii to most of the world, Tim Bergling to friends and family, Avicii has become somewhat of a household name for people everywhere. His music, collaborations, and fist-pumping tracks has made house music even more popular in the U.S. People looking to buy tickets for Avicii shows should get them as soon as they come out, because DJ Avicii is hot and getting hotter in the music industry.

Born in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, Tim is younger than most of the popular DJs. Carl Cox, Sasha, and even composer Daft Punk are a decade or more older than 23 year old Bergling. He emerged in 2008 when he was a precocious 18 years old with a track that went viral. He compiled a remix to the theme song “Lazy Jones” on the Commodore 64 video game. He entitled it “Lazy Lace,” and has been popular ever since.

Those who buy tickets to Avicii shows enjoy his body moving beats. He is skilled in feeling the true beat of tracks, layering them and intertwining them into a climax that is unforgettable. If you happen to acquire Avicii tickets in a city near you, go to the show. His music has a life-changing effect.

Searching for Tim Bergling concert tickets might not give you the results you are looking for, but a search for Avicii concert tickets will instantly reveal how in-demand his shows are. If your looking to buy tickets for Avicii shows, you should know how his stage name came about.

Tim was talking to a friend back in 2008 when MySpace was considered the Facebook of the times. His friend was telling him about the different levels of Buddhist hell, with Avicii being the lowest. As he was putting together a MySpace profile, he chose the stage name and it stuck. Now Avicii tickets are house music’s biggest commodity.

What does Avicii draw from? Others in the music industry such as Tiesto, Daft Punk, Eric Prydz, and Steve Angello are DJs that inspire him and encourage him to create fresh spins on original tracks. His parents listened to ‘60s rock and his siblings enjoyed hair bands such as Kiss. He grew up listening to classic sounds, but his music is a modern interpretation of what he hears today.

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