As early as the 1920s land speed records were being set in Daytona Beach, Florida. It wasn’t until Prohibition that the idea of stock car racing started to take hold. Bootleggers would take stock vehicles and modify them to make them faster and easier to handle. Anything non-essential was stripped off, both for speed and to make more room for the booze. Police had a hard time catching these modified cars especially on twisty mountain roads.

After Prohibition was ended in 1933, owners of these cars still felt the need for speed. In the Southern U.S. racing against each other became a popular sport. In 1948 one of those early drivers, Bill France, formed the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR. Racing those one-time Prohibition run-from-the-cops vehicles was now an official sport. Today NASCAR tickets are a hot commodity.

Only the National Football League sees higher television ratings than NASCAR in the United States. The organization, based in Daytona Beach, sanctions several different series. The Sprint Cup is for the elite drivers, producing champions like Jimmie Johnson, Cale Yarborough, and Tony Stewart. This series has the hardest to find NASCAR racing tickets. Next is the Nationwide Series, which also has races outside the United States. Winners from here work their way up to the Sprint Cup.

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, started in 1994, is run with modified stock pickup trucks. These vehicles lack the aerodynamic advantages of cars and can be hard to handle, making for an interesting race. Other sanctioned series include the Canadian Tire Series, run throughout six of that nation’s provinces, the Corona Series, started in 2006 in Mexico and the Racecar Euro Series, an event holding races throughout Europe. Regional races, held on local tracks across the USA and Canada are proving grounds for novice drivers wanting to move up to the national stage. Tickets to NASCAR live races are available.

Unlike Indy cars, which are mostly engine with a fiberglass shell, modified fins and spoilers, cars in NASCAR races look much like those found on the showroom floor. Spoilers and air-dams are added, as is an impressive amount of safety equipment. Today’s cars are modified more than those in times past. The roofline is higher, the cockpit is wider and the driver seat is closer to the car’s center. This lets the driver get out faster in an emergency.

What started out as grudge matches between frustrated one-time bootleg runners is now one of America’s most popular sports. Race day, or week in some cases, is a party like affair with RVs setting up camp nearby and endless tailgate parties. Buy cheap NASCAR tickets to a number of races held across the country and have the time of your life.

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