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About Terry Fator

Terry Fator is one of the most multi-dimensional comedians on today's stage, combining his talents at impressions, singing, stand-up, and ventriloquism in a riotous comedy act that you won't want to miss! Get your cheap Terry Fator tickets here to see this comedic genius for yourself!

Road to Fame

Terry Fator got interested in ventriloquism at a young age when he happened on a how-to book titled, Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit by Paul Winchell in the fifth grade. It inspired him, and within weeks he was entertaining friends and family with his new skill. Fator got his first ventriloquism dummy at ten years old. His mother saved for three years prior to him turning 18 to give him his first puppet on his birthday.

Fator said he found his ability to impersonate singers because he loved to sing in the car. He said he would look at other people singing in their cars, and they looked so goofy, so he learned to sing without moving his lips. Before he made it big in ventriloquism, he began his fame as the lead singer of a band titled “Freedom Jam.” After that, he was the lead singer of a show band called “Texas the Band.” At one point, his band was close to singing with a major record label. When one of the labels representatives came to see them perform, Fator did what he loved to do and sang the songs impersonating the original vocalists without moving his mouth. The representative told him he had to stop doing impressions and start singing in his own voice. Fator tried it, hated it, and told the record company “no thanks.” He left the band after that and tried going solo with his comedy and ventriloquism but had little success. 

America’s Got Talent

While Terry Fator struggled to make a career out of his comedy, his family's encouragement kept him going, and when he combined his ventriloquism and impression skills with his singing abilities, he found a sudden fan base. One of his characters belted out "Friends in Low Places" in Garth Brooks's twang-y voice, and Terry Fator's audience went wild. With his new set, Terry Fator went to America's Got Talent, winning the 2007 season and the $100 million contract. Overnight, Terry Fator's life changed as the world discovered his unique and hilarious act.

He said on his experiences with America’s Got Talent that he never in his wildest dreams imagined he would win. He said he auditioned because a guy who was a ventriloquist did on the shows first season and made it on the Late Show with David Letterman. After winning, Fator had to turn down Letterman 14 times because his schedule was so busy.

Las Vegas Residency

Franz Kallao, Senior VP of Hospitality and Hotel Strategy at MGM Resorts Intl said that he knew Terry was a perfect fit because he appeals to people from ages 8 to 80. The Mirage signed him for a five-year $100 million deal, which was extended and Fator has since celebrated his 10-year anniversary. In this time, he has done more than 1,800 performances and has had over a million audience members. Fator keeps changing up his act, claiming he has rewritten the show around 17 times. He said people have come and seen him perform 13 times, and they say they have never seen the same show. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Fator’s shows take on a nostalgic holiday theme.

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