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There are few things more iconic of an all-American summer than an evening baseball game! One of the best ways to relax with friends and family is in the bleachers at T-Mobile Park, home of the Seattle Mariners! Get your cheap Seattle Mariners tickets here to enjoy America's favorite past time for yourself! Don't miss out on any of the action! Check out the Seattle Mariners 2019 schedule here at CheapTickets.

Franchise History

The Seattle Mariners are a relatively young team in the American League, established in 1977. While they struggled to find success initially, the Seattle Mariners started to take off in 1995 when they won the American League West division championship. In 2001, the Seattle Mariners hit a new American League winning season record, scoring 116 wins that season. The Seattle Mariners have yet to compete in a World Series, but hopeful fans keep flocking to Mariners games to cheer the team on to success. Fans have created a number of home-game rituals, including the "Rally Fries." Rally Fries refers to a fan who lost his French fries while trying to catch a fly ball. Broadcaster Mike Blowers suggested sending the young man a new tray of fries — now it's a tradition for Blowers to send fries to fans who catch his eye. Mariners games are loads of fun, so prepare for an evening full of popcorn, home runs, and good memories with family and friends! Don't wait until the day of a game or you may find all the cheap Seattle Mariners tickets have sold out! Get your cheap Mariners tickets today to secure your spot at T-Mobile Park!

T-Mobile Park

Welcome to T-Mobile Park, the proud home of the Seattle Mariners since 1999! The facility was acquired by T-Mobile only as of 2018 and used to be named Safeco Field for 20 years. It is a beautiful retro-modern style stadium, incorporating traditional structure with modern amenities. Options for food and beverage are far from traditional, though, in comparison to most MLB stadiums. Apart from your usual hot dog, pizza, and soda stands, T-Mobile Park holds several restaurants and vendors, like The Diamond Club, The Hit it Here Cafe, and The Wells Fargo Terrace Club. T-Mobile Park also has some incredibly impressive art displays that can be enjoyed by fans. Look for the chandelier made of 1,000 resin baseball bats, it is quite a sight!

Seattle vs. Los Angeles

The most defining rivals of the Mariners are the Los Angeles Angels. In the 1995 season, the two teams ended with identical 78-66 records, resulting in an AL West tiebreaker game, in which the Mariners crushed the Angels 9-1. Later in 2007, they were face to face for the AL West division title, where the Angels found their sweet revenge. They took the victory that day, winning 7-4.

Jerry Dipoto, GM of the Seattle Mariners, is working at twice the pace as everyone else to rebuild his team for the upcoming season. Come witness what the Mariners can do against some of baseballs toughest competition! Get your cheap tickets to the Seattle Mariners 2019 season today!

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