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About Oakland Raiders

Based in Oakland, CA, the Oakland Raiders were founded in 1960 as a member of the American Football League (AFL). And their story is one of the classic American underdog: The Raiders struggled during their first three seasons, but after promoting general manager Al Davis to head coach, the team quickly turned things around. Buy Raider game tickets on CheapTickets today to see this great team in action!

History of the Raiders

The Raiders joined the NFL during the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. A few years before the merger, they won their first AFL title in 1967 after defeating the Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans). Their success continued to grow in the 1970s as they claimed six division titles and played in six AFC Championship games, making Oakland Raider tickets during this decade a hot item. Then, the team made history in 1980 by winning Super Bowl XV against the Philadelphia Eagles. Meaning the Raiders went down in history as the first team to win a Super Bowl as a wild card. It was an amazing game for fans who were lucky enough to snag Raiders tickets for the Super Bowl.

The Raiders relocated to Los Angeles in 1982, but by 1995 had returned to their original home and their extensive fan base, called Raider Nation. These loyal fans not only buy Oakland Raiders tickets to show support, but they also dress in elaborate costume, rain or shine, hot or cold, at nearly every game. To paint a picture: During home games, the Raiders fan section is referred to as the Black Hole. Buy Raiders Black Hole tickets on CheapTickets for an exciting NFL experience, and the chance to see that famous Black Hole for yourself.

The Oakland Raiders stadium

Oakland Alameda Coliseum, also referred to as Oakland Coliseum, is where the Raiders play their home games. Oakland Coliseum is the smallest stadium based on seating capacity in the NFL with 56,057 seats, which often creates competition when trying to score Raiders football tickets for game day.

The Coliseum is the only venue in the NFL still shared by a professional football and baseball team. It looks surprisingly short from the outside, but that's because it features an underground design in which the field is below ground level. Buy Raiders tickets the next time they play a game at Oakland Coliseum to experience cheering them on from their home stadium.

Did you know these facts about the Raiders?

  • Marcus Allen, Raiders running back, was the first player in NFL history to gain more than 10,000 yards rushing and over 5,000 yards received.
  • The Raiders don't retire numbers because they believe former players are better remembered when their numbers are still used.
  • The AFL allowed Raiders player Jim Otto to wear the number 00 as a marketing gimmick. The NFL no longer allows players to use 00.
  • The Raiders first Super Bowl win was against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI (1977). They beat the Vikings 32-14.
  • Ken Stabler holds the career records for the Raiders for most passing yards. From 1970-1979 he passed 19,078 yards.
  • Jim Otto was the first Raider to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

The biggest Raiders rivalries

The Raiders have many rivalries in the NFL. Two of their biggest include the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

They first played each other in 1960 when the Kansas City Chiefs were known as the Dallas Texans, and the Raiders ended up losing that game. During their first game in the 1970 season, the two teams got into a brawl when Chiefs' wide receiver Otis Taylor attacked Raiders' defensive end Ben Davidson. Buy Oakland Raiders tickets the next time you see the Chiefs listed on the Oakland Raiders schedule.

Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This rivalry started in the 1970s when the Raiders and Steelers were two of the top NFL teams. They both had an aggressive style of play, which fueled the rivalry even more. The Raiders-Steelers rivalry was sparked by a controversial last-second play in 1972 that led to the Steelers winning the AFC West Title and achieving a 10-3-1 record. Raiders tickets for games against the Steelers guarantee an exciting match.

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