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Revamped for an age of fake news and radical journalism, Network is set to hypnotize and challenge a new generation of audiences. Watch the drama unfold before your own eyes by getting your cheap Network tickets here!

Blurring the Line Between Entertainment and Reality

Network revels in the collapse of one man, news anchor Howard Beale, and the way his studio takes advantage of his mental breakdown. Beale, disgusted by the sad state of televised news, threatens to commit suicide while on air. The network is initially horrified, but a few cunning executives pull the strings necessary to keep Beale broadcasting. His ranting and raving is a ratings magnet, but as soon as audiences grow weary of Beale, the scheming executives take drastic measures to protect themselves. Network first premiered as a film, written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lumet. It won four Oscars and became an immediate classic. In 2018 Network debuted on Broadway with Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame in the lead role. The stage production seamlessly incorporates the audience into the show itself, making them the studio audience as well and thrusting them into a sense of collusion with the network.

Experience the exhilaration that Network brings as it makes you question everything you know about the news industry. See the show that will soon have all of Broadway buzzing by snagging your cheap Network tickets today!

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