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No politics are as complicated as the politics of high school, a field where machinations, backstabbing, and manipulating are part of the daily game. The highs and lows of climbing the social ladder are illustrated with delightful snark in Mean Girls, now a musical! Jump back into the world of high school drama – but at a safe distance – by getting your cheap Mean Girls tickets here!

The risks and rewards of becoming queen bee
Based on the 2004 movie, Mean Girls the musical illustrates just how darkly hilarious high school can be. When Cady Heron and her family relocate from Africa to Illinois, she's completely clueless as to the rules of her new jungle. Cady gets swept up in the drama of the Plastics, the clique of popular girls that rule the school. But when queen bee Regina George backstabs her, Cady and her unpopular friends spin a plan to overthrow the Plastics. What follows is an uproarious exploration of the machinations of high school politics, a dive into how teenagers manage their friends, their enemies, and their frenemies. Written by comedy queen Tina Fey and produced by Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, Mean Girls the musical brings new life to this cult hit movie on stage.

Mean Girls tickets are already selling fast for the show's premiere in Washington DC at the National Theatre. When the show moves to Broadway, fan excitement will likely be just as high. Make sure you don't get left out of the fun – get your cheap Mean Girls tickets today!

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