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About Letterkenny Live

Letterkenny is a Canadian TV sitcom has that skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Recently, it was also announced that a Letterkenny Live tour is taking place based on the popular jokes and style of the TV sitcom. The sitcom has been on the air for the past few years and has a team of developers and writers starring Jared Keeso. He and the cast members have developed a unique comedic style that has led to a large following, spurring the tour. The opening theme, titled “Who Needs a Girl Like You,” has also become popular and is performed by Indian Wars. Even though the show originally hails from Canada, the show has developed a significant following in the United States as well. The show has a total of 47 episodes so far spanning seven seasons. The show Letterkenny Live will be going on tour this year.

A History of Letterkenny and Letterkenny Live

The popular TV sitcom first started as a YouTube web series back in 2015. The show was titled Letterkenny Problems at the time and developed a large following. Next, Crave decided to turn the web series into a TV series. The show debuted in February 2016 and gathered large ratings. Because of this, the popular TV network Comedy Central decided to pick it up for a larger US audience. During the course of the series, the cast explores unique situations throughout the local area of Listowel, Ontario. The show has received multiple awards in recognition of its superior programming, leading to the tour later this year.

Letterkenny Live Tickets and Tour

The Letterkenny tour is going to reach most areas of North America during the course of the year. Those who are looking to catch a show should know that cheap Letterkenny Live tickets are still available. The tickets are likely going to sell out quickly given the popularity of the sitcom. Therefore, anyone who is interested in catching a show should try to make plans as early as possible. The show is hilarious and the tour is likely to follow in its footsteps!