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About King Kong - The Musical

King Kong is a juggernaut that has been immortalized in film, but now this legend is coming to life in a whole new way. See the spectacle of Broadway's hottest new show by getting your cheap King Kong the Musical tickets today!

The Forging of Unbreakable Bonds

It's 1931, and the Great Depression threatens to crush everyone with its mind-numbing desperation. Young and talented Ann Darrow still clings to her dreams of becoming a famous actress, and the brazen filmmaker Carl Denham seems like the man to help her visions become reality. But when they sail off to Skull Island and discover the gargantuan King Kong, both the actress and the director are faced with terrible choices. Denham caves to his greed and brings Kong back to New York as a money-making freak show, but the bond between Ann and Kong proves stronger – and more tragic – than the director could have anticipated.

Revolutionizing the Tech of Broadway

Based on the 1933 film, King Kong the Musical first opened in Australia and was so popular the production remained running longer than anticipated. It moved to Broadway in 2018, taking up residency in the Broadway Theatre. The technical mastery behind the giant six-meter tall King Kong puppet has stunned both critics and audiences alike, making it a turning point for musical theatre.

Dive into the dark glamor of the 1930s, reveling in a modern tale of beauty and the beast! Get the best seats in the house by picking up your cheap King Kong the Musical tickets today!

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