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Coheed and Cambria is one of the most intriguing progressive bands on today's rock scene. With their cult following, cheap Coheed and Cambria tickets can be tough to get your hands on. Get your cheap tickets today for a hypnotizing Coheed and Cambria concert near you!

A sci-fi story through concept albums
In 1995 the band started in Nyack, New York, as "Beautiful Loser." The group went through several lineup adjustments and name changes before hitting a theme to latch onto. Singer Claudio Sanchez also wrote science fiction comics, and the group decided to create concept albums based in his world, The Armory Wars. Renamed after the main characters in the story, the group released its first album as Coheed and Cambria in 2002, slowly starting to build their fan base. After playing at Vans Warped Tour and touring with musicians like Linkin Park, The Used, and Slipknot, their second album reached RIAA gold certification. Coheed and Cambria's sound is entirely eclectic, drawing elements of post-hardcore, punk rock, pop, and heavy metal. Their 2015 album, The Color Before the Sun, is Coheed and Cambria's eighth album and the first one to deviate from the sci-fi world of The Armory Wars.

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