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About Club America

As part of the Liga MX league, Club America is one of the most prestigious teams in all of Mexico. Nicknamed Las Águilas, or the Eagles, Club America takes down its opponents with precision and passion. If this stellar team is coming to a soccer field near you, make sure you grab your cheap Club America tickets! You won't want to miss it!

Mexicos Club America
When Club America started in 1916, it was the first club team in Mexico that had only Mexican-born players on its roster. It has grown into one of the most successful teams in Mexico, with world-class players like Luis Roberto Alves, Eduardo González Pálmer, Osvaldo Castro, and Cristóbal Ortega leading the way to victory on the soccer field. Club America is also one of the most decorated teams in Mexico. Club America has fought to secure six Copa Mexico championships and seven CONCACAF Champions league trophies, including back-to-back wins in 2015 and 2016. Club America's rivalry with Guadalajara is intense and matches between them are dubbed El Súper Clásico. If you can get your hands on cheap tickets to El Súper Clásico, you're in for a battle of passion and talent!

Top-notch talent
Attending a Club America game means being part of an electric all-out display of soccer prowess. Club America holds nothing back. Don't miss out on seeing these top-notch players for yourself! Get your cheap Club America tickets here and get ready for an amazing night of soccer!