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About Bob Dylan

Few artists have had the emotional reach and musical influence of Bob Dylan. Capturing the frustration of the 1960s in his poignant lyrics, Bob Dylan gave voice to millions of Americans feeling unrest throughout the following decades. Cheap Bob Dylan tickets vanish in a flash as fans rush to scoop them up. Pick up your cheap tickets here to be captivated by Bob Dylan's hypnotizing live shows.

The Music of a Generation

Born as Robert Allen Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota, Bob Dylan grew up attached to his radio. His favorite stations to listen to started out as blues and country as a child, and later turned into rock and roll as a teenager. Throughout high school he formed several different bands and performed covers of songs written by Elvis Presley and Little Richard. In 1959 he enrolled himself at the University of Minnesota. It was during his time at college that he discovered rock and roll was not as fulfilling as he wanted it to be, so he switched his genre of music to American folk music. He wanted to sing something that was more than a catchy beat with quirky catchphrases, he wanted to sing something more serious involving deeper feelings. During his college years is when he also began going by the name Bob Dylan.

At the end of his freshman year of college, Bob Dylan dropped out to move to New York and pursue a musical career. His debut album was released in 1962 and barely made enough money to cover its costs. But Bob Dylan continued to write music and perform, slowly capturing listeners with the poignant humanity in his music and his ability to express the frustrations of the civil rights and anti-war movements. He expanded into electric music, a difficult transition for some of his fans, but Bob Dylan was committed to his own musical integrity. He has surprised and moved listeners for over fifty years with singles like "The Times They Are a-Changin'," "Mr. Tambourine Man," and "Like a Rolling Stone."

Bob Dylan concerts are entrancing shows with the iconic musician doing what he does best – being Bob Dylan. Get your cheap Bob Dylan tickets today to witness this musical legend for yourself!

The Never Ending Tour

Bob Dylan has been consistently touring since the late 1980’s, a tour which has been nicknamed the “Never Ending Tour.” Now, thirty years later, the tour comes back to North America. Dylan used to play about 100 shows a year, but has since scaled it back. He is projected to play just 66 shows this year. The 2019 Fall leg of the Never Ending Tour will start in Irvine, California and make stops across North America, ending in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.