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Warm weather and baseball go hand-in-hand, and that certainly rings true in Arizona, where thousands of Diamondbacks fans buy tickets each season and head to Chase Field to watch the D'Backs! You can find all your cheap Arizona Diamondbacks tickets right here at CheapTickets, and watch as some of the best baseball players in the world take the diamond in Phoenix! Get your cheap tickets to the Arizona Diamondbacks 2019 season today!

Franchise History

One of the newest teams in the MLB and National League, the Arizona Diamondbacks (sometimes called the D'Backs or Snakes) began play in 1998. They were quickly competitive, winning the 2001 World Series championship against the New York Yankees. Arizona has sustained success throughout the franchises existence, winning five NL West titles in addition to the franchise's World Series title! Two Diamondback players have already been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Randy Johnson and Roberto Alomar. Baseball fans in Arizona have been able to enjoy spring training in their state since 1946, so they welcomed an MLB team with open arms and sold-out games. Summer evenings are calling you over to Chase Field. One of the most unique features about Chase Field is its pool in right field! Fans looking to escape the hot summer Phoenix weather can buy cheap D'Backs pool tickets, and enjoy a dip in the cool water while watching the D'Backs! Order your cheap Diamondbacks tickets today and enjoy all the baseball action at Chase Field!

Home of the D'Backs

Chase Field opened in 1998, just in time for the founding of the Diamondbacks. It was the first stadium in the United States built with a retractable roof over a natural grass field. After the county tax increase in order to pay for a portion of the new stadium, citizens, who were not allowed to vote on the issue, became furious. The issue became so controversial that Mary Rose Wilcox, a supervisor on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, was shot and injured by Larry Naman. The Diamondbacks were forced to chip in for all costs over $253 million, which would come to haunt Jerry Colangelo, team founder and managing partner. Despite its history, Chase Field is home to some other events other than baseball. Many big concerts and performances are staged there, include NSYNC in 2001, Kenny Chesney in 2016, and Billy Joel set to perform this year in March.

Rivals: LA Dodgers

The D'Backs have been fueding with the Los Angeles Dodgers ever since an incident in 2013. After the Dodgers took the National League West title that year, some LA players decided to celebrate by jumping into the pool located in the right center field wall at Chase Field. 

Don't miss out on any of the action! Check out the Arizona Diamondbacks 2019 schedule here at CheapTickets. The D'Backs are currently in a state of rebuilding, making them one of the most fascinating teams for the upcoming season. Want to check out what the Diamondbacks will bring this season? Then make sure you purchase cheap Arizona Diamondbacks tickets at CheapTickets right now!

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