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While many might be saying farewell to their beach days along with summer, there are rays of sunshine for fall enthusiasts and beach bums alike. Whether you love the cool brisk days of autumn, or are still seeking a tan, or are just searching for a slice of pristine waterfront to soak up ocean views, the options are abundant. For beach lovers of all walks of life here is a list of beaches to meet your needs in the coming months.

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1. Best beach for those not ready to say goodbye to summer: Fort Zachary, FL

courtesy of Florida State Parks

For those living in many parts of the country, there is little enthusiasm at the arrival of fall. However there are countless opportunities to soak up the warm weather on sandy beaches throughout the country. Leading the way among beaches where sunbathers can enjoy 365 days of summer is Key West. Picture palm trees and white sands in November. In the Keys, there are countless options to choose from. However one stands out from the rest. Do you like picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, paddling and fishing? How about a historic fort predating the Civil War? Well, Fort Zachary will provide the best of all of that. Exploring the historic fort after snorkeling in the morning will make visitors feel like they are in an Indiana Jones movie. Also, once you’re finished exploring, you can sample the area’s nature trails and water-sport rentals. For miraculous views of marine life, book a glass bottom boat ride.

2. Best bonfire beach: Drakes Beach/ Point Reyes, CA

Courtesy of NPS

Beaches and bonfires were made for one another. We can close our eyes and all imagine our friends and family gathered around on a brisk evening, as the sun sets and waves crash in the background. However, if there is any place where the beach bonfire is almost cliche, the prize would have to go to California, where it is a way of life. What California surf film is complete without the classic bonfire beach scene? Taking the prize, your ocean fire will feel straight off the big screen at Drakes Beach at Point Reyes located just north of San Francisco. This beach offers white sandstone cliffs, wide open sands and stunning ocean views. It’s next to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, so picture a cool brisk dusk as the fog rolls in while sea lions chatter and the fire roars. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

3. Best beach to embrace fall: Two Lights State Park, ME

While many of us are dismayed to say farewell to summer, if you live on the New England coast there is a silver lining; fall delivers miraculous color, particularly when looking out to sea. For those visiting Maine’s beaches in October it can feel like stepping into a postcard. Of all these craggy beaches, Two Lights State Park highlights the assets of fall more than any other. The name naturally comes from the twin lighthouses. In addition to the lighthouse, dark, jagged rocks define the coastline. Visitors will take in views of rocky coast, surf, Casco Bay and the Atlantic. While visitors will probably want to bring many layers, they will be presented with an array of foliage to compliment the ocean views.

4. Best mountain beach: Kiva Beach, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Beaches or mountains? The timeless debate. Well, for those living in the Sierras, that choice isn’t necessary. In Lake Tahoe you get the best of both. Kiva Beach presents beach dwellers with serene blue waters with mountain backdrops that will make you feel like you’re residing in a laptop screensaver. Just think 200 yards of narrow beach with prominent views of Tallac Point. Running parallel to this strip of sand is a fragile marsh zone that is home to willows, lodgepole pine, quaking aspen, marsh grass and the protected Tahoe Yellow Cress plants. Dogs are allowed on leash, but remember Lake Tahoe is recognized for its clean pristine water and locals encourage beach goers to do their part in helping preserve the lake.

5. Best Third Coast beach: Indiana Dunes State Park, IN

Who needs salt water to enjoy the beach? The Great Lakes, America’s largest bodies of freshwater, host an array of beaches that rival any ocean coastline. Residing within urban and industrial landscapes, the large Indiana Dunes with its 10 separate beaches within the park are a haven for nature goers. The dunes took thousands of years to form and, since the early 1900s, both scientists  and nature enthusiasts have been fighting to preserve them. The habitat provides a sanctuary for many plants and animals. Walking among the massive dunes, visitors will have the opportunity to see many migratory birds and enjoy a much needed getaway for from nearby Chicago.

6. Best Beach for the escapist nature lover: Olympic National Park, WA 

Courtesy of Pintrest

The dilemma for many folks looking for a quiet and serene seaside moment is that everyone else is looking for the same thing. For many, beaches draw mental images of large crowds and overdevelopment. However there are some well preserved gems along the Pacific Northwest coastline. About 73 miles of shoreline along Olympic National Park in Washington provides easily accessible remote coastal wilderness. Cliffs, rugged shorelines, tide pools and offshore islands provide an enchanting experience. Both Rialto and Kalaloch host pristine wilderness and a sanctuary for marine wildlife.

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