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Note: All travel is subject to frequently-changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips.

Traveling in winter, whether heading home for the holidays or heading off to somewhere tropical, always seems like a fun idea until delayed flights, snowstorms, and overstuffed suitcases get involved. We start to regret booking a layover flight, wearing a parka to an overheated airport, and not getting the right rental car. If winter travel has you feeling like a blow-up holiday snowman in a blizzard, don’t panic. Here are 11 winter travel tips to keep mishaps and delays at bay, and keep your budget in check through it all. 

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Book direct flights

Interior of airplane with passengers on seats waiting to taik off. Horizontal composition. boring flight in economy class aircraft salon. economy class

Keep in mind, if your travel plans are interrupted by bad weather (or other natural events known in the industry as “acts of God”), airlines are not obligated to reimburse you or cover the cost of a hotel. That’s why booking direct flights is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t get stranded at a layover airport. That way, if your departing flight does get canceled, you can just go back home and try again in the morning. 

Invest in travel insurance

Winter weather can be unpredictable, especially in places like the Midwest or Northeast. Travel insurance typically doesn’t cost much, but if there’s a winter storm causing cancellations and you can’t make your reservation, you’ll be reimbursed for the parts of your trip that you missed (just be sure to read the terms carefully). As for purchasing travel insurance, booking on sites like makes it easy: When you check out, you’ll be given the option to add it to your itinerary with just a few clicks.

Pack layers versus one big coat 

Red suitcase being packed with black and white shirt, camera

Going from a cold climate to a warm one? Don’t get stuck dragging that bulky parka around in a place where it’s not needed. Instead, wear multiple layers to keep warm en route; unlike the parka, light layers like T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, leggings, and just one or two sweaters will still be useful in your destination during cooler tropical nights.

Book the right car for the terrain

Golden, British Columbia, Canada

An economical car like a Prius is great for road trips. Unless you’re headed to the mountains or some other place with lots of snow and potential ice. Be sure to reserve a rental car that has all the right features like 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive that can handle the terrain. When you book on, you can use the “All-wheel drive/4X4” filter to narrow your search. You may also want to consider springing for an SUV, as the added height can help you navigate through heavy snow. 

Treat yourself to some cozy amenities

Harbor Light Inn, Marblehead, MA

When you dream of a winter getaway, you might think tropical paradise, or you might imagine yourself soaking in a hot tub after a long day of skiing. Regardless of what your perfect vision is, booking on a site like can help you find it. Just use the search bar to find cozy amenities like fireplaces, or use the hotel filters to discover accommodations with hot tubs, indoor pools, spas, and more.

Stay up to date on your flight’s status

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Terminal 4 in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Photo: Robert Couse-Baker – Flickr

Don’t you hate it when you go to check in, only to find your flight was canceled, right after you paid handsomely for that Uber ride to the airport? Stay on top of changes when you download the CheapTickets app. It’ll send you real-time flight alerts, plus information on gate changes and luggage carousel numbers. You might also want to consider following your airport and airline on social media. Most airports and airlines will post updates about closures and cancellations due to impending weather on their social channels first. 

If you’re driving, gear up your car for cold

Getting stuck on the side of the road stinks, but in winter, it can be downright dangerous. Be prepared by gearing up your car with a flashlight to see under the hood, a first aid kit, potable water, snacks, warm clothing and a thick blanket, a spare tire and jack, a basic tool kit, and emergency flairs. It also helps to leave a bag of kitty litter in your car. Why? Well, it’s not just for cats. When driving in snow or on iced-over roads, sprinkling a little kitty litter right in front and behind your tires will provide the traction needed to keep going. 

Avoid checked-bag fees

Checked bag on luggage carousel at an airport

The easiest way to avoid them is of course to pack light, so you can go carry-on only. But we know, it’s winter, so your bag might be loaded up with holiday gifts or chunky cold-weather clothing. If that’s the case, you could still skip baggage fees, thanks to airline loyalty programs, or airline credit cards. Just be advised that some cards have high interest rates and sizable annual fees.

Be flexible with booking dates

Everyone wants to fly out on Thursday or Friday and return on Monday for long weekend getaways. That’s why these days of the week tend to be more expensive for everything from flights and hotels to rental cars and activities. Same goes for the days right before and after major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. That said, one way to save big bucks is to check flight calendars to see if there’s a lower priced flight on Tuesday or Wednesday, or some other day of the week close to when you’d like to leave. Comparing is easy when you book on, thanks to the site’s “Flexible dates” tool. Most travel websites will let you view a full calendar where you can see cheaper dates.

Consider driving versus flying

While flying will get you to your destination faster, it could also come with major delays due to bad weather. Even if your departure city enjoys a mild climate, your plane could experience weather delays if it’s coming from a storm-addled destination. A more reliable mode of travel would be to drive yourself, especially if you’re eight hours or less away. Driving is also often cheaper, especially if you plan on traveling around major holidays.

Wear your bulkiest items on your travel day

If you really must have the cable knit sweater that looks just like the one Chris Evans wore in Knives Out with you on vacation, then consider wearing it for the first time on your travel day. Same goes for your chunkiest pair of shoes or boots. Create room in  your suitcase by wearing larger items on the plane or in the car. 

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

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Megan duBois

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Note: All travel is subject to frequently-changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips.

Everybody wants to land an awesome flight deal, but getting a good price on your ticket is only the beginning. Take a look at our list of savvy tips to help you save a lot of money flying, from booking to packing to your final arrival.

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Sometimes nonstops are actually the best value

Bargain flights are tempting, but often include unusual layovers or multi-city stops, so they’re not always the best value once you factor in the cost of having to pay for airport meals during a long layover or worse, paying for a hotel during an overnight layover or—even worse—a weather cancellation mid-connection.

Know when to book

We’re all used to guidelines telling us that certain times of day or days of the week are smarter to buy tickets. And while usually that day is in fact Tuesday, that’s not always true. In reality, airlines tend to offer their best prices when they’re having a fare sale or in the off season when demand is lower. CheapTickets data also shows that the golden booking window for a good price is just far enough in advance: Three weeks out is consistently the cheapest time to save on flights.

Add a Saturday-night stay to your flight itinerary

Go on, stay the weekend! Adding a Saturday stay could unlock extra savings of up to 25% on your flight, according to data from the Airline Reporting Corporation and Expedia.

Sign up for all the travel deal lists

Be the first to know about great flight deals when you join mailing lists like CheapTickets. Signing up also gives you access to promo codes and exclusive prices on hotels, cars and more.

Get the right travel insurance

Sometimes you need to spend a little money to save a lot of money. If you travel often, get a policy that lasts a full year versus buying per trip and you’ll have peace of mind that could save you thousands.

Find airport parking deals

Parked Vintage Pink Car In Las Vegas Seeing From The Front

If you must park at the airport, use or (or a similar service) to snag a cheap spot at a parking lot nearby. Free shuttles run fairly often but check the customer reviews to pick the best lot within your price range. Prices go up the closer it is to the scheduled departure date, so plan ahead.

Weigh your luggage at home

Baggage fees are constantly going up. Before heading to the airport, double check the airline’s weight limits and then weigh your bag. If your bag exceeds the limit, you can at least transfer items between bags in the privacy of your own home or leave any unnecessary articles behind. Same goes for measuring the dimensions—if you’re hoping to avoid baggage check fees, make sure your bag qualifies as a carryon.

Research airline credit cards

An airline credit card can save you a ton of money and unlock valuable perks if you’re loyal to a specific airline and fly frequently. Even if there’s an annual fee, you may be able to easily come out ahead in rewards value depending on how much you fly. Aside from the miles you’ll earn on flights and everyday purchases, many airline cards also treat you perks like free checked bags or free Global Entry.  Other travel cards let you earn travel dollars back on flights, hotels and everyday purchases, in addition to awarding you freeTSA Pre✓®.

Compare fares at nearby airports

Always compare prices between nearby airports such as Fort Lauderdale versus Miami or Chicago Midway versus O’Hare to find the cheapest price. Sure, you might have to drive further, but if you’re saving hundreds of dollars per person it might be worth it. Of course, if the difference is only a few dollars, consider the extra costs in time, money and energy that getting to that other airport requires.

Don’t bash Basic

Savvy travelers know how to make Basic Economy work for them. Do the math: Will you end up paying more in the end if you have to check a bag both ways? Will Basic end up costing you more if you insist on purchasing seats a la cart? Another inside trick: Getting the airline’s branded credit card often helps override a lot of the restrictions associated with Basic. For example, both American and United’s credit cards let you check a bag free, offer preferred boarding, and allow you discounts on inflight food and drink. Find more info on how to fly Basic Economy and win here.

Don’t fear the red eye

Fares for red eye, or overnight flights, tend to be cheaper, but there are other advantages. Flights tend to be less crowded, so you’ll have your choice of seats, plus you’re paying for one less hotel night. Compare red-eye fares and see for yourself at

Split the cost with Lyft Shared Rides

If you’re taking a ride share to or from the airport, it could be worth it to share your ride share. While the UberPool shared ride program was suspended during the pandemic, Lyft Shared Rides are now back in select cities. The Lyft option allows riders going in the same direction to share a ride for a discounted cost, which is perfectly convenient if you’re all headed to the airport or all headed from the airport to downtown. Just make sure you’re not packing in so much luggage that the ride becomes uncomfortable! Bonus: Sharing a ride in a new city may also be a great way to chat with a local and learn some insider tips!

Take advantage of off-season and shoulder season travel

The travel industry has jargon regarding times to travel, namely peak, shoulder and off-season. More often than not, you will find special deals and steals on travel for off-season trips. Peak seasons are usually during summer and holiday breaks, which makes it difficult to find affordable flights and rooms. If you’re not constricted by school schedules, plan your trip during low season to give yourself cheaper options, and less crowded attractions.

Opt for a stopover

Not to be confused with a layover, a stopover allows those who are not in a rush to linger for a few days in their connecting city. It’s like getting two destinations for the price of one, and many airlines now offer them for free—including Icelandiar, TAP Portugal, Finnair, Emirates, Avianca and others. Many stopovers even come with free or discounted hotel nights, free tours, airport transportation and more.

Book your flight and hotel together to save

CheapTickets offers deep discounts when you book your flight and hotel together. In fact, you can save up to 42% on your hotel when you book it with your flight!

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

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Note: All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips.

Are you finally ready to start planning a trip? Well, you’re in luck. Despite high demand for travel, there are still some really great flight bargains out there. CheapTickets compared flight price data to determine which destinations are cheaper this summer compared with summer of 2019. Here are the best deals that came up from May-July 2021, all 25%-30% cheaper compared to two years ago. 

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Wynwood | Photo: Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

While Florida might not be the first destination you think of during the warmer months, Miami is actually nice any time of year, including summer, thanks to fresh ocean breezes and fewer tourists and snowbirds jamming up every attraction. Whether you’re there for Miami Beach’s sandy strands and thumping nightlife or Wynwood’s buzzing art and dining scenes, Miami is calling this summer with average round-trip flight prices of $185, about 30% less than 2019 fares.

Find your Miami hotel right here.


Ask any local: Chicago really comes alive in summer when its hibernating populace starts to peek out into the sunshine and  take full advantage of its gorgeous lakefront and never ending schedule of music, food, and culture festivals (you probably already know Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, but there’s plenty for fans of blues, jazz, gospel and house music, too). When the temperatures rise, seek out the cool comfort of one of the city’s world-class museums such as the Art Institute or the Field Museum, or bask in the sunshine as you take in Chicago’s world renowned architecture on a river cruise. Either way, you haven’t seen Chicago until you’ve explored it in all its summertime glory, and with flight prices averaging around 30% less than 2019, there’s no time like now to start planning your visit.

Find your Chicago hotel right here.

Jackson Hole, WY

Skiing is believing and that’s no doubt why hordes of bums and bunnies alike head to Jackson Hole in winter to ride its powdery slopes. But we say Jackson Hole in summer is even more enticing. Boasting Grand Teton National Park right in its own backyard plus famed Yellowstone a mere hour away (save money with a National Parks pass!), Jackson Hole in summer becomes a mecca for YOLO adventures like hiking, BMX biking, para gliding, fly fishing, rock climbing, gondola rides, al fresco wining and dining, and much more. Plus, what’s not to love about blue skies and 70s, dreamy 10pm sunsets, and flights averaging 30% less than they did two years ago?

Find your Jackson Hole hotel right here.

Los Angeles


A city so big it’s like getting 10 vacations in one, it’s hard to imagine a fantasy going unfulfilled in sunny L.A. Join the queues for morning coffee in East Side hipster nabes like Loz Feliz and Silver Lake, grab a paddle and kayak along the LA River, gawk at celebs while working up a sweat in Runyon Canyon, drive the coast (top down, of course) and stop for snacks and sandos and Malibu County Mart along the way, swoop up the city’s best bargains at the sprawling Melrose Trading Post, and plop down on a beach somewhere and watch surfers ride waves as the sun drops into the dreamy Pacific. All this, plus flights averaging 30% less than they did this time two years ago.

Find your Los Angeles hotel right here.

New York City


True, Broadway is still dark and will continue to be until at least September, but imagine how you’ll spend the extra money saved. As in taking a spin around the glitter-filled rink at the retro Dreamland Roller Rink in Prospect Park, scooping up the city’s best bargains at the weekly Chelsea Flea, having a lick of a dipped Salty Pimp soft serve swirl at Big Gay Ice Cream, and sunbathing among the perfectly pierced and tattooed at the People’s Beach at Jacob Riis Beach Park. Perhaps you’ll even time your visit to experience Manhattanhenge, that rare summer event during which the setting sun aligns with Manhattan’s east-west grid creating a photo op like no other. All this and it’s a bargain getting there. Flight prices to NYC are 25% less expensive than they were two years ago.

Find your New York City hotel right here.


Photo: kla4067

One thing about folks from Minneapolis is that no matter where they go in the world, many often end up putting roots down back in town, and that’s because the Twin Cities are a great place to live—and visit. Take all the outdoor recreation that its 22 lakes offer, and combine that with a great civic reverence for culture that’s apparent in museums such as the Walker Art Center, the Frank Gehry-designed Weisman Art Museum or the historic Mill City Museum, and what you have is a well-rounded—yet underlauded—city that makes for the perfect summer destination. And with flights averaging 25% less than last year, now’s the time to start planning where you’ll get your Minneapolis-famous eats like the Juicy Lucy or Vietnamese pho.

Find your Minneapolis hotel right here.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

With snowbird and tourist season over for the most part, you’ll get to know the real Fort Lauderdale in summer. Hit any of its gorgeous beaches for fun in the sun, or board a boat for cool breezes (the water taxi tour of Millionaire’s Row makes for a nice peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous). When you need a culture break, or a great bite to eat, head to the FAT Village Arts District, where the Sistrunk Market food hall offers delicious bites; then take a walk around the neighborhood to admire its colorful murals. In terms of airfares, Fort Lauderdale usually costs quite a bit less its neighboring airports, but at the time of writing, flights were averaging about $155, around 25% less than normal.

Find your Fort Lauderdale hotel right here. 


Hotel Clermont

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Why do I love Atlanta so much?,” chances are good that at the time you’re thinking this, you’re enjoying rooftop cocktails at the chic Hotel Clermont, strolling the excellent Beltline, thrifting for treasures at Junkman’s Daughter, or enjoying exotic eats along the Buford Highway. The hottest city in the South offers a lot more than just the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola (though do check both out), but it’s just as enjoyable to idyll away an afternoon in Piedmont Park, enjoy the smorgasbord of eateries at Krog Street Market, and shopping both the indie stores and familiar chains contained within the Ponce City Market. It’s all a lot easier to do right now thanks to airfares averaging $180—that’s 25% cheaper than they were two years ago!

Find your Atlanta hotel right here. 



Philly roundtrip flights for $170? Yet another reason to visit the City of Brotherly Love! Day one: Check off tourist highlights like running up the “Rocky Steps,” ogling the Liberty Bell, and increasing your calorie count with a Philly cheesesteak (from either Geno’s or Pat’s King, of course). Devote day two to digging deeper. Grab a morning coffee and dooughnut (and some fried chicken!) at Federal Donuts. Next, check out the creepy Mütter Museum, devoted to antique medical devices, wax sculptures and osteological specimens. Fishtown is the city’s hipster hub so spend an afternoon wandering its trendy streets, including a caffeine fix at La Columbe, lunch at NYC barbecue import Fette Sau, and happy hour cocktails at Front Street Cafe. Don’t forget to stroll South Street Bridge for dreamy sunsets and skyline views.

Find your Philly hotel right here.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

The colorful buildings in Old San Juan. Photo: Cogito Ergo Imago – Flickr.

If you’re looking for paradise without a passport, this is it. America’s Caribbean territory offers crystal waters lapping gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, and rainforest waterfalls—everything you’d expect in a tropical getaway. Plus, it’s an easy escape since the currency is the U.S. dollar and most phone plans don’t charge extra fees in P.R. Whether you’re looking to explore Old San Juan’s colorful colonial architecture, Spanish fortresses and happening nightlife, or you plan on making a beeline for the beach, now’s the time go with air fares hovering around $215 at the time of writing, down 25% compared to the same time in 2019.

Find your San Juan hotel right here.

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

Jason Heidemann and Martina Sheehan

Jason Heidemann and Martina Sheehan

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Note: All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state and local advisories before scheduling trips.

Right before COVID-19 struck, the travel industry was the second-fastest growing sector in the world (after manufacturing) and contributed nearly $9 trillion to the global economy. That all changed this spring, however, as stay-at-home orders took effect and countless vacations were canceled around the world. But as the freeze on both domestic and even global travel begins to thaw, travel is making its way back—though it may not look the same as you remember it. As you’re looking forward to planning a trip this summer or fall, you can expect these six key experiences to be different.

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Vacation rentals

If there’s one facet of travel that’s fared better than others, it’s this one. That’s probably because longer-stay vacation rentals, which you can book directly with CheaptTickets, host fewer visitors than hotel rooms on average, and there are fewer common spaces to share with other guests. Vacationers also have more control of the cleanliness of their accommodations, and you can expect heightened cleaning standards and more generous cancellation policies before booking your next stay. Although some regions are still closed to vacation rentals, there has been a surge in bookings this summer as people seek a safer escape from home.

Hotels and resorts

When lockdowns first began, many hotels reported fewer than 5% occupancy rates. Although those numbers have slowly risen, most hotels are still pulling out all the stops in terms of making guests feel safe and confident about their stays. How are they doing this? Free sack lunches have replaced breakfast buffets, pool deck chairs have been spaced out, and room cleanings and sanitations have been doubled, according to some reports. In fact, Marriott and Hilton, the world’s largest hoteliers, are now using ultraviolet lights and electrostatic sprayers during housekeeping to kill bacteria and viruses from guest rooms.

Theme parks

On a recent visit to Lagoon, a Utah theme park that was one of the first in the country to reopen, visitors experienced uber clean bathrooms, hand sanitizer stations everywhere, and a lot more park attendants than normal. That said, reservations, social distancing guidelines and face masks are required, so your visit won’t be like it was before. The upside is that park capacities are being seriously restricted now, which means you can do a lot more rides in less time than before.

National Parks

The good news is all are open again. The bad news: Many of the most popular areas are still closed, restricted or with limited access (i.e. pedestrian or biker access only). The Grand Canyon, for example, only recently opened the popular Canyon Rim Trail, after months of closure. Similarly, many visitor centers, museums and amenities remained closed around the nation. Nevertheless, many parks are reporting higher than normal crowds. Before visiting, be sure to visit the specific park website for the most up to date information.


Although airports and airplanes are no longer the ghost towns they were two months ago, they are nowhere near as crowded as they used to be. To keep customers safe, all major airlines require face masks to fly and now use high efficiency filters to keep cabin air as clean as a hospital. Some, like United, will start using electromagnetic foggers to disinfect planes arriving from abroad. That said, flight routes (especially direct ones) are less than half of what they used to be and schedules are subject to change at any given time as airlines continue to shift their fleets. What’s more, some states such as Hawaii and Maine still require 14-day hotel quarantining or proof of a negative COVID test before entering.

Road trips

If you want the most freedom and isolation, this is still your best bet. Along the way, you are sure to encounter much cleaner public restrooms and a lot of drive-thru dining options just like before (be sure to check local restrictions on indoor/outdoor dining, and pack a mask as many states require them to enter shops and eateries). In terms of booking hotels along the way, CheapTickets lets you read authentic user reviews that include reports on cleanliness and other factors. Also note that in some areas, landmarks and attractions may still be closed to the public, so check before adding a waypoint to your map.

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

Blake Snow

Blake Snow

Blake contributes to fancy publications and Fortune 500 companies as a writer-for-hire and frequent travel columnist. He lives in Provo, Utah with his supportive family and loyal dog.
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Do you consider yourself a master flier? Sailing through security without a hitch, you have just enough time to buy a latte and a snack before hopping on board. Even if you’ve been on more flights than you can count, we bet you didn’t notice these hidden secrets and tricks of the friendly skies!

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There are mirrors in the overhead bins

Airplane landing in Pescara (Italy) airport

After landing, when the seat belt lights turn off to signal permission to get out of your seat, it’s a mad dash to the aisle. When you’re grabbing your carry-on to leave, take a second and look for mirrors. Most overhead bins have these because it helps passengers to see everything—a jacket, a rolled up poster, duty-free purchases—so you’re less likely leave anything behind. It also cuts down on cabin inspection time, so the plane can be prepared for its next flight.

Flight attendants wish you wouldn’t order Diet Coke

As the flight attendant rolls down the aisle, taking orders and queueing up drinks, you may hear a subtle sigh of dismay when Diet Coke is ordered. Why? It takes forever to fizzle down, pour and serve. Because the airplane cabin is pressurized to 8,000 feet rather than to sea level, it adds more bubbles than normal. One flight attendant revealed she’ll often take other orders while she waits for the DC to be ready to drink. 

Pilots and copilots eat different meals

Hand-luggage compartment with suitcases in airplane. Carry-on luggage on top shelf of plane. Travel concept with copy space.

Bad news for picky pilots: They can’t always have the meal they want. While it isn’t formally regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, most airlines insist on two different meals for those in charge of the aircraft. Largely, this is due to potential food contamination, and the idea is that if something goes wrong, at least one pilot would be healthy enough to land. It’s a different for every airline but most of the time, the pilot receives their choice from First Class, while the co-pilot picks from the Business menu.

There’s a small latch on the outside of planes to prevent hijackers

In 1971, a man named D.B. Cooper hijacked a flight from Portland to Seattle. After showing what looked like a bomb to a flight attendant, he demanded $200,000, a set of parachutes, and that the crew reroute the flight to Mexico. At some point he jumped out of the plane, and even today, his whereabouts (or remains) are unknown. Since then, on the outside of all plane doors with airstairs, there is a tiny latch called the Cooper Vane, named after the legendary criminal. So even if you accidentally tried to open the cabin door, it wouldn’t actually open since it’s pressed tight via air pressure at take-off. 

There’s a secret button on most aisle seats

Good news for those who prefer the aisle seat: That armrest probably moves! The next time you’re on a flight, place your hand under the armrest, close to the hinge and you’ll likely find a small button. If you push it, the armrest will move! This provides more room for legs, and could be more comfortable for long-haul flights. The reason for this, of course, is safety, should the crew need to move anything oversized through the plane.

There are detachable coat hangers in business class

Interior of airplane with passengers on seats waiting to taik off. Horizontal composition. boring flight in economy class aircraft salon. economy class

Depending on your carrier, your plane may be equipped to fight wrinkles. With Swiss Air Lines, there’s a detachable coat hanger with your seat number on it, so you can hang up your suit, dress or garment for the flight attendants to stow. Most of the time when your ticket class is Business or higher, you can also just ask if the flight attendant will hang your garment for you and stow for safe keeping.

There are black triangles above some windows for safety

Pilots may sometimes ask their flight attendants to check on the wings. Whether due to a flap that’s not functioning correctly or if they are worried about wind, it can sometimes be easier to spot with the naked eye, rather than a camera. If you sit near a wing on your next flight, look for a tiny black triangle above some windows. This indicates the best vantage points for slats and flaps on the wing.

There’s a hidden handrail for flight attendants

Before takeoff and landing, you might watch a flight attendant gracefully scale the aisle, touching underneath each overhead compartment. It might seem like they’re barely touching it but in reality, there’s a scalloped indent that serves as a handrail for turbulence. Super nifty—and helpful!

There’s a reason they dim the lighting during takeoff

Ever wonder why the lights go down when it’s almost time for takeoff? It’s not only to give you great selfie light, rather, it’s a measure taken in case of an emergency. It’s widely known that takeoff and landing are the most dangerous parts of a flight, and the lighting adjusts your eyes and helps you see the floor lighting faster in the event passengers need to exit the aircraft in a hurry.

You won’t see a frequent flier drinking coffee

Or a flight attendant. Or a pilot. There’s a reason for that: You shouldn’t drink the tap water on an airplane, since it is likely filled with bacteria. (Gross.) This is because the water tanks aren’t emptied and cleaned frequently, which can cause gunk to build up. Those who jet-set often will avoid coffee and tea for this very reason—it’s just not sanitary.

That tiny hole in your window isn’t worrisome

Look closely the next time you’re taking that wing and sky photo for the ‘gram, and you’ll see a tiny hole in your window. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous, and you guessed it—it serves a purpose. They’re called “bleed holes” and they relieve pressure during takeoff, as well as prevent the windows from fogging up during weather conditions.

You can’t get locked in an airplane bathroom

In a split-second of absolute horror, you thought you were trapped in the airplane bathroom. With little space and big smells, it’s terrifying to think you can’t escape. But you can! At least if you call for help from the flight attendant. Underneath the metal plate labeled “lavatory” on most planes, there’s a secret button they can push to free you from your captivity. Phew.

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

Lindsay Tigar

Lindsay Tigar

Lindsay is a lifestyle and travel writer, and content strategist. She is a passport stamp collector with an affinity for great wine, coffee and conversation. You can find a full collection of her work at
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Hunting for cheap flights? Find ’em right here with our weekly roundup of the best airfares around. This week, we’ve got the spotlight on the just-launched AirTran Airways 72-hour sale!

Travel by AirTran and you can save big on cheap flights from coast to coast, and to island locations like Nassau and San Juan.  Book your flight by May 20, 2010, and  travel through November 10, 2010, for cheap airfares like these:

  • Orlando to Nassau: $88
  • Chicago to Miami: $198
  • New Orleans to Boston: $180

See the AirTran Airways sale for complete terms and conditions.

For additional sales, check out more flight deals now.

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cheap flightsMaybe you don’t get an official Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Spring weather makes it a good time of year for vacations to so many places, and cheap flights like these are just another reason to go. Whether you want to see a show in Las Vegas, shop ’til you drop in New York or relax in sunny Hawaii, these cheap flights can get you there.

United sale on Honolulu flights: Honolulu — home to Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head crater, surfing, shopping, nightlife and more. Now, you can get there for less. Book your cheap flight by April 8 for travel through May 23. Check out these sample round-trip airfares:

  • San Francisco to Honolulu: $498
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Honolulu: $697
  • Chicago to Honolulu: $708
  • Denver to Honolulu: $638

AirTran big flight sale: Visit family, hit the beach, plan a girls’ getaway in the city — AirTran Airways’ sale has cheap flights to cities across the country. Book by April 2 for travel through November 16. Here’s a sample:

  • Chicago to Miami: $188
  • Boston to Los Angeles: $198
  • New York to Las Vegas: $198
  • San Francisco to New York: $198

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

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cheap flightsThe AirTran big flight sale has round-trip airfares starting from $88, and today is the last day to save on cheap flights to cities across the U.S. and in the Caribbean.

Cheap flights are your ticket to travel, whether you want a warm-weather vacation or a big-city weekend getaway. Here are some sample sale airfares:

  • Orlando to Nassau: $88
  • New York to San Francisco: $188
  • Chicago to Miami: $178
  • Detroit to San Juan: $196
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Washington: $196

These cheap flights are good for travel through November 16, but today is the last day to book tickets.

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

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Cheap aruba hotels This week's travel deals include a cheap Aruba hotel and Delta Air Lines' cheap sale on summer flights.

Cheap Aruba hotel: Get every third night free at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. This four-star resort is two distinct hotels in one: One, a luxurious adults-only resort; the other a getaway for families and travelers of all ages. The resort features a newly renovated spa and private beaches on Renaissance Island — one for adults and one that's family friendly. 

Cheap flights: Book your ticket by May 18 to take advantage of Delta Air Lines' cheap sale on summer flights. Sample round-trip fares on cheap flights include: Indianapolis to New York: $177; Madison to Baltimore: $151; San Antonio to Memphis: $223. Sale is good for travel through September 14.

See these and more travel deals at the "Cheap of the Week" tab.

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.

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The key to cheap travel is knowing the best time to find cheap flights and cheap hotels. So we created the CheapTickets 2009 Value Travel Forecast, a month-by-month guide of top destinations that offer the most savings for travelers.

To help identify the best budget-friendly travel opportunities for next year, we analyzed hotels booked on CheapTickets from December 2007 to November 2008 and calculated the percentage of savings compared to peak rates.

Here are the winners (and honorable mentions) for 2009:

Italy vacationsJANUARY: 37% savings in New York
In addition to a 37 percent savings on New York hotels compared to peak rates, retailers are buzzing with post-holiday sales, and big-city attractions are easily accessible now that the holiday crowds have come and gone. Visitors can also take advantage of New York City’s Restaurant Week in January, giving them access to some of the city’s best restaurants for a fraction of the price.

Other January cheap vacation destinations: Santa Barbara, CA and Hong Kong

FEBRUARY: 42% savings in Italy
In February, Italy is just starting to come out of its winter cloak, and budget travelers will appreciate the lower airfare and savings of up to 42 percent on Italy hotels when compared to the high season. February visitors can experience one of Italy’s most famous festivals, Carnevale.

Other February cheap vacation destinations: France and Colorado Springs, CO

MARCH: 53% savings in Portland, ME

This historic, seacoast town is filled with galleries, one-of-kind boutiques and incredible restaurants serving everything from creamy clam chowder and lobster rolls to nouvelle New England cuisine.

Other March cheap vacation destinations: Reno, NV and Canada

APRIL: 58% savings in Brazil
In April, the summer surge of tourists in Brazil is complete, which means fewer crowds, but the same great tropical weather.

Other April cheap vacation destinations: Santa Fe, NM and Columbus, GA

Lake tahoe hotels MAY: 38% savings in Lake Tahoe
For those who love the outdoors, Lake Tahoe is the ideal destination in May. The lake is popular for water sports and beach activities, and with 38 percent savings on Lake Tahoe hotels compared to peak winter rates, going during the off-season means affording activities like a guided cruise or dining at the many lake front restaurants.

Other May cheap vacation destinations: Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA

JUNE: 38% savings in Egypt
With 38 percent savings compared to peak rates, June visitors can relax on the wondrous Red Sea or Sinai coasts, take in the high culture of Cairo or even leisurely float down the Egyptian Nile on a river boat.

Other June cheap vacation destinations: Columbia, SC and Dallas, TX

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Note: CheapTickets compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site.