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Robot concierges? Hotels by the minute? It seems our great big world is changing rapidly and with it comes numerous new industry trends like airport fitness centers, Instagrammable hotels and longer term vacation stays (visit our sister property to book one-of-a-kind extended stay homes, condos and apartment rentals). Which trends will rock your world in the coming year? Read on and book your next vacation at!

So long to people seeing dollar signs. Nowadays they see airplane, backpack and Madagascan flag emojis in their dreams. Yes, we now live in the experience economy where consumers would much rather invest in memorable travel experiences that make them feel connected to the world around them, like they are part of something larger than themselves, than material items that give them fleeting satisfaction. According to a study by Topdeck Travel, 86% of millennials today would rather experience a new culture compared to 44 percent who prefer to party and 28 percent who prefer to shop.

So, how has the experience economy flipped the travel industry on its head like a downward dog yoga pose at one of these hip airport gyms that are all the rage? From iConcierges to hotels by the hour, here are 8 things you should check out before checking in!

  1. Bleisure = Where Business Meets Leisure

For past generations, travel was merely an added perk to the job. Maybe you’d attend a conference in another city once a year as an initiative to bring offices together under one roof. These days, travel is so ingrained in the job itself that “willingness to travel 50% or 75% of the time” is spelled out in job descriptions. Employees jet-set around globe on the daily to attend meetings, close deals, scout trends and be living, breathing cultural observers for their company.

  1. Stay a While, in Style!

Given that travel is no longer a hobby to pursue outside of work hours but rather an all-encompassing lifestyle, accommodation is no longer seen as a place where someone’s head hits the pillow for a night, but rather an extension of the place they’re visiting. Tablet said it best. “You don’t just sleep in a hotel, you live there, for a night or two, at least. And while you’re there, you’re not just getting used to a different pillow, but trying on a whole different life—inhabiting a new space, eating in a new restaurant, drinking in a new bar, checking out your traveling companion (or yourself) in different lighting, against a new interior-design backdrop.”

On that note, what’s the best way to get the best of both worlds — enjoying a more immersive, personal experience and all the perks of room service?

Hotels and apartments that one can rent out on a monthly basis, just like a local!

Sure, the thought of extended-stay hotels (a.k.a. apartment hotels), often incites a mental orchestra of groans as highly functional but overly dismal accommodations for business people or families between home aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Well, prepare to wipe that dreary image from your mind completely, as a number of properties have recently hit the market that offer topnotch service and style.

Obviously back when AirBnB was launched in 2008, the hotel industry was infuriated, but now it seems they’re taking a leaf out of its book. Tapping into the ‘digital nomad’ trend of people increasingly working anywhere, these new extended-stay hotels caster to the need for flexible move-in and -out dates and saving money by not paying to keep an apartment when you’re not sleeping there.

No leases. No security deposits. No long-term commitments.

Think AirBnB, but with less of the legal troubles and existential expansion problems—a system that takes the control from private residence tenants and giving it back to themselves.

Enter StayAwhile. As a membership-only network of hotels and furnished apartments around the world, travelers can come and go as they please for a flat monthly fee. Only in town for a few nights? No problem, as the club allows members to pay only for the nights they use and even store their personal belongings like a real home away from home. Slated to roll out its memberships in NYC, Miami, Amsterdam and Paris during Spring 2017, an additional 25 are then expected to follow in major cities in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

This nomad living model isn’t the first trailblazer of its kind. Similar concepts have been popping up all over the world, such as WeLive, from the founders of the co-working space WeWork, that offers furnished apartments with communal spaces in NYC and Washington D.C.

Philadelphia’s Roost Apartment Hotels in Midtown and Rittenhouse Square offer Midcentury Modern units equipped with a Bosch washer and dryer, Apple TV and Sferra sheets. With the in-house bike-share program, guests don’t even need to order Ubers to get around town!

Hollywood’s Proper Residences in Los Angeles offers one- and two-bedroom suites kitted out with professional-grade kitchens and private plunge pools. Guests can indulge themselves at the rooftop pool, open-air yoga patio, and coffee and wine bar.

Across the pond, vacation-rental specialist Paris Perfect spent two years renovating six apartments in 17th century style at 25 Place Dauphine, Paris, with sleek kitchens, gilt-framed mirrors and contemporary sofas.

  1. Hotels By the Hour (or Minute!)

Ever wanted to rent a hotel for a few extra hours to get some pressing work done before a flight, without forking out dough for an entire extra night? Now you can, thanks to hotels that are offering rooms by the hour or the minute!

The HotelsByDay app and website enables guests to reserve rooms in four- to nine-hour blocks—typically between 10am and 4pm. Inventory consists of three- to five-star hotels, mostly in U.S. and Canadian cities.

Another app coined Recharge makes upscale hotel rooms— four- and five-star properties in the Bay Area— available at the last minute, for 66 cents a minute (around $40 an hour).

Apps have you covered on the global front too. Global micro-booking service Dayuse has an inventory of more than 2,000 hotels in 15 countries, featuring various Quality Inns and Best Westerns and other upscale options.

  1. The Rise of The iConcierge

As I mentioned in my last article, with wearable technology and digital concierge services becoming ubiquitous, today’s traveler wants the best of both worlds: to govern their own experience and enjoy five-star service. And now, thanks to the new “invisible service” trend we’re seeing in the travel space, they can receive top-notch customer service without ever having to interact with another human being.

Aptly named Lokal, a new six-unit boutique hotel in Philadelphia plans to make their guests feel just that: like a local. Slated for launch in March, the hotel will be introducing “invisible service” for guests—in other words, providing the usual amenities found in a hotel, but attempting to do so in a way that makes guests feel like they are actually living in the city rather than experiencing it through the eyes of a tourist. Unlike the conventional circled must-see sights on a map that hotel concierges tend to offer, guests will find a carefully curated guidebook in their room that offers tips to all the insider, off-the-beaten-path dinner, drink, shopping and adventure spots.

Sea-bound travelers are in for a real treat too, as they no longer have to hail down a waitress, pay at an actual cashier desk or savor entertainment from performers in the flesh when they’re next on a cruise ship. The world’s largest cruise company Carnival has recently announced the launch of a novel “wearable concierge service” coined the Ocean Medallion, which will operate as a room key, tap-to-order room service, restaurant reservation check-in, portable mini-game console and personalized entertainment experience.

Sick of having to waiting ages to get the attention of bartenders? In downtown Los Angeles last month, Marriott International showcased a drink dispenser where guests could use their smartphone to order cocktails. The hotel has also implemented a Marriott Rewards app that lets guests chat with a concierge before they arrive at the hotel.

Great news for social media addicts too! Hyatt has taken to Twitter by implementing a @HyattConcierge handle where the 24/7 guest-service team will respond within 15 minutes.

Commune Hotels & Resorts is following suit by enabling their guests to e-mail or SMS to communicate with the hotel.

Taking this digitized customer service trend to a whole new level, Hilton launched Connie, a two-foot-tall AI-powered robot concierge in March at the their Tysons Corner, Virginia store. The robot can answer simple, common requests like, “What time does breakfast start?”

Not staying at one of the big chain hotels? Porter & Sail has you covered. The city-guide app is used at independent hotels, offering picks curated by distinguished locals (musician Moby, chef Alan Stewart), and available at more than three dozen properties worldwide, including Soho Beach House, in Miami, and London’s Zetter hotels.

  1. Airport Services are Taking Off (Excuse The Pun!)

More often than not the food consumed and the boredom induced at airports makes travelers shudder. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying that when a flight is delayed, jetsetters often question how they’re going to survive another two hours in the bleak abyss of overpriced news stand snacks and crowded powerpoint hubs. Well, thanks to new state-of-the-art recreational airport experiences, soon you could actually be begging for your flight to be delayed, just so you can enjoy the trendy airport amenities!

A recent PSFK article explored how a refined focus on wellness in the travel industry may very well be the next normative trend in airport facilities. Flyers today can now enjoy airport gyms and yoga rooms in addition to balanced food options featuring local, organic meals.

Baltimore Washington International Airport opened the ROAM Fitness gym in early February that features free luggage storage, options for renting workout clothes/shoes, showers and an attendant who monitors guests’ flights and will even alert them if there’s a delay.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport houses an in-house yoga studio as well where guests can utilize free mats, a walking path and two 55-foot staircases for extra cardio opportunities and Minneapolis’ St. Paul International Airport where flyers can stretch their legs on the airport’s 1.4 mile walking track.

Dubai bound? Now you can enjoy 24-hour gym amenities available for just $13 USD an hour, with private showers, men’s and women’s steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis.

Munich Airport’s centrally-located Kempinski Hotel Fit & Fly Spa features a 17-meter long daylight-filled pool and the airport further features an air conditioned gym with 130 square meters of equipment and personal trainers available upon request. On site amenities also include a jacuzzi, solarium and Finnish sauna and steam bath, plus onsite professional physiotherapists and massage therapists to provide massages to fatigued and jet-lagged travelers.

In addition to two yoga rooms, San Francisco International Airport offers The Plant Cafe, with a menu packed with local and organic ingredients as well as Napa Farms Market, Joe & the Juice and new vending machines offering organic, gluten-free and sugar-free snacks.

Locally sourced food with healthy menu options can further be found at Elephants Delicatessen at Portland International Airport all the way to French Meadow Bakery, accessible in four airports including Minneapolis, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Salt Lake City.

  1. Hotels and Instagram, A Love Story

As travelers are seeing the world in Instagram squares and filters these days, hotels are catering for this by intertwining art and backgrounds into their hotels just for the ‘instagrammable moment’. At the Renaissance Blackstone hotel in Chicago, a gold lamé couch is an Instagram-ready seat.

  1. Lobbies to Work, Not Wow

Remember when you first watched Home Alone? Your jaw probably dropped at the mesmerizing Plaza Hotel lobby. Well, these elaborate luxury hotel lobbies from 30 years ago are giving way to customized, more work-oriented spaces today. Renaissance Chicago’s lobby features intimate seating and an open workspace for laptop-yielding business travelers.

  1. Why Venture Far When You Can Indulge at a Hotel Bar?

In the days of old, hotel restaurants and nightlife spaces were “last resorts” for busy professionals who don’t have time to leave the confines of their drabby hotel. Well now the hotel restaurants and bars themselves are the main attraction for guests to stay in the hotel in the first place, with Michelin star chefs and innovative dining experiences.

This article was written by Travel Editor and Emily Wasik from PSFK and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to



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Flying can be scary for some, but consider that business travelers alone make more than 405 million long-distance air trips annually and if they can do so it, so can you. Plus, do you really want a fear of flying to cause you to miss out on your next great vacation? Read on to discover essential tips and book your next vacation at

Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is super common. That doesn’t mean it’s any less troubling for those who experience it. The next time you’re taking a trip that requires TSA checks and overhead bins, try any or all of these 13 tricks to keep flight anxiety at bay.

humonia/Getty Images

Element 1

Make a Packing List
Avoid the “Oh crap, I forgot a phone charger” moment while in the security line.

Pack as Light as You Can
No one has felt relaxed schlepping three giant bags through the concourse.

Leave Comically Early
Sure, you might be bored once you’re through security, but you’ll feel so much better knowing you’ve built in a ton of wiggle room.

mediaphotos/Getty Images

Element 2

Drink Water
In addition to helping you not get sick mid-flight, being hydrated makes you feel better all around. 

But Not Alcohol
It has the reverse effect of water and makes you dehydrated.

If You Can, Sit at the Front of the Plane 
The back of the cabin usually experiences turbulence more than the front does, so if you can, stick closer to the pilot.

ollinka/Getty Images

Element 3

Distract Yourself
Whether that means downloading a season of Modern Family onto your iPad, stocking up on episodes of a hilarious podcast like “2 Dope Queens” or packing an adult coloring book, keep yourself busy with basically anything you find enjoyable.

Acknowledge That You’re Anxious
Stress happens, and avoiding it won’t make it go away. The sooner you accept the way you’re feeling, the sooner you can work to combat that feeling.

Take Deep Breaths
When done correctly, it really does calm you down. Breathe very slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat and feel better. (And angle that little personal AC vent on your face.)

mkurtbas/Getty Images

Element 4

Befriend the Flight Crew
This might not always make a difference, but if you’re afraid of flying, tell the flight attendants. Chances are, as long as you’re polite about it, they’ll understand and try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Learn How Planes Work
Knowledge is power. Before your next flight, learn how planes actually fly. This will normalize the event and make it a whole lot less mysterious (read: unpredictably scary).

diego_cervo/Getty Images

Element 5

Seek Professional Help
If your flying anxiety gets to the point where you’re losing sleep over it or feeling physically ill, consider seeing a psychiatrist, who can prescribe an antianxiety medication that will ease the pain of flying tremendously.

Think Happy Thoughts
Are you going on a tropical vacation? Flying to see friends or family? Think about the great things that await you on the other side of your flight and focus on the destination instead of the journey.

This article was from PureWow and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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This week’s flights on the cheap are coming from Delta Air Lines and American Airlines! Fabulous round-trip flight deals to sunny LA or sultry Las Vegas are at your fingertips when you travel from August 17 through November 17, 2010.

Delta flights on sale through July 29, 2010, to WestPalm Beach, New York City and more:

  • Denver to Salt Lake City: $78
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas: $98
  • San Fransisco to Los Angeles: $98

American Airlines flights on sale to West Palm Beach, New York City and more:

  • Chicago to Atlanta: $138
  • Washington to Miami: $198
  • Orlando to Chicago: $188

This sale ends soon, so book fast to score with these sweet flight deals. See individual flight sales for complete terms and conditions.

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Hunting for cheap flights? Find ’em right here with our weekly roundup of the best airfares around. This week, we’ve got the spotlight on the just-launched AirTran Airways 72-hour sale!

Travel by AirTran and you can save big on cheap flights from coast to coast, and to island locations like Nassau and San Juan.  Book your flight by May 20, 2010, and  travel through November 10, 2010, for cheap airfares like these:

  • Orlando to Nassau: $88
  • Chicago to Miami: $198
  • New Orleans to Boston: $180

See the AirTran Airways sale for complete terms and conditions.

For additional sales, check out more flight deals now.

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Looking for cheap flights? We’re excited to bring you this first post as part ofa weekly roundup of the best flight deals around. This week we’ve got news on the hottest airfare sales and cheap flights to destinations like Nassau, New York City, and Paris.

Air Tran Airways: Ends today–huge savings on U.S. airfares Save big on flights across the U.S. and beyond with the latest sale fares from AirTran. Hurry — this last-minute deal ends today, April 20, 2010, at midnight! Travel through November 10, 2010, to grab round trip fares like these:

  • Atlanta to Charlotte: $88
  • Chicago to New York City: $182
  • Orlando to Nassau: $88

American Airlines: cheap flights to Europe Fly to Europe for less with the latest fare sale from American. Book by April 23, 2010, depart April 5 – April 30, 2010, and return by May 15, 2010.  Sample round-trip air fares include:

  • Washington to London $520
  • Chicago to Paris: $764
  • Los Angeles to London: $662

For more details or to see all available sales, check out more flight deals now.

CheapTickets resources:

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cheap flightsMaybe you don’t get an official Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Spring weather makes it a good time of year for vacations to so many places, and cheap flights like these are just another reason to go. Whether you want to see a show in Las Vegas, shop ’til you drop in New York or relax in sunny Hawaii, these cheap flights can get you there.

United sale on Honolulu flights: Honolulu — home to Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head crater, surfing, shopping, nightlife and more. Now, you can get there for less. Book your cheap flight by April 8 for travel through May 23. Check out these sample round-trip airfares:

  • San Francisco to Honolulu: $498
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Honolulu: $697
  • Chicago to Honolulu: $708
  • Denver to Honolulu: $638

AirTran big flight sale: Visit family, hit the beach, plan a girls’ getaway in the city — AirTran Airways’ sale has cheap flights to cities across the country. Book by April 2 for travel through November 16. Here’s a sample:

  • Chicago to Miami: $188
  • Boston to Los Angeles: $198
  • New York to Las Vegas: $198
  • San Francisco to New York: $198

CheapTickets resources:

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cheap flightsThe AirTran big flight sale has round-trip airfares starting from $88, and today is the last day to save on cheap flights to cities across the U.S. and in the Caribbean.

Cheap flights are your ticket to travel, whether you want a warm-weather vacation or a big-city weekend getaway. Here are some sample sale airfares:

  • Orlando to Nassau: $88
  • New York to San Francisco: $188
  • Chicago to Miami: $178
  • Detroit to San Juan: $196
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Washington: $196

These cheap flights are good for travel through November 16, but today is the last day to book tickets.

CheapTickets resources:

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cheap flightsSpring into the season with cheap flights to your favorite destination. Spring is a great time to stroll along the lake in Chicago, window shop on New York’s famous streets, or vacation just about anywhere and enjoy the outdoors.

Take advantage of cheap flights with the United sale on spring flights now through March 22. Here are some of the cheap flights that may inspire you:

  • Boston to Las Vegas: $188
  • San Diego to Fort Myers: $194
  • New Orleans to New York: $168
  • Raleigh/Durham to Boston: $98
  • Atlanta to Chicago: $148

Book your cheap flight by March 22, 2010, for travel between April 12 and May 27.

CheapTickets resources:

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Cheap flights

(Photo: Hawaii CVB)

Palm trees and tropical breezes arecloser than you think with cheap flights to Hawaii. It’s Hawaiian Airlines exclusive Hawaii sale on CheapTickets.

Now is the time to plan a cheap Hawaii vacation to Maui, Honolulu, Kauai or the Big Island. Cheap flights like these make it easy:

  • Seattle to Kauai: $294
  • San Jose to Kona: $358
  • San Francisco to Honolulu: $358
  • Portland, OR, to Maui: $362
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu: $344

Cheap flights shown are sample round-trip fares, good for cheap Hawaii vacations April 13 through June 10, 2010. Hurry, this exclusive flight sale ends March 24.

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Cheap flights

London (Photo: PhotoDisc)

Eating gelato in Rome. Visiting museums in Barcelona. Seeing a show in London. Make it happen with cheap flights to Europe.

American Airlines’ sale on Europe flights means cheap flights to the destinations you’ve been dreaming about. With this airfare sale, cheap flights start at just $394 round trip from Tampa to London. Other sample cheap flights include:

  • Boston to Barcelona: $430
  • Denver to Madrid: $514
  • New York to London: $418
  • San Francisco to Madrid: $516
  • Houston to London: $464

If you want to do Europe on the cheap, flights this this can’t be beat. Sale ends March 16.

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