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That’s not a typo. So if you think traveling alone is too expensive or you’re afraid you’ll be bored if you go on a solo adventure, we’re here to prove you wrong! The best place to stay if you’re traveling solo or with a few friends is a hostel. Hostels are a revolving door of [read more…]

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to crack open that piggy bank and splurge, but you don’t have to anymore. Budget bargains promising large doses of romance are popping up everywhere from Asia to Europe to the Caribbean. All you need to do is show up and relax!   Feeling a little stretched by your [read more…]

Where to go? We ask ourselves that question all the time. Cost is always top of mind of course, but other considerations that factor into play include a destination’s climate, safety, food scene, cultural attractions and “wow” factor. We’d like to think the following cities hit all the right marks. A new year has arrived; [read more…]

Gone are the days when the biggest vacation dream was the all-inclusive resort. Meet the overwater bungalow, your very own free floating, private villa surrounded by water and featuring upscale amenities and the utmost attention to detail. Sound expensive? While many are, these five put your next romantic getaway within reach. Send all of us [read more…]

Well at least this one probably won’t sink. China is building a life-size replica of the doomed RMS Titanic in a landlocked county more than 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) from the sea. When completed, the replica ship will measure 269 meters (882 ft) long by 28 meters (92 ft) wide and will feature reproductions of [read more…]

Field notes of doughnuts in Boston, oysters in San Francisco, and perfect pasta in Rome At SAVEUR, our obsessive quest to unearth the origins of food and discover hidden culinary traditions sends us from our test kitchen in New York City to all the corners of the globe. From doughnuts in Boston to pasta in [read more…]

Disney’s latest movie, Moana, opens in theaters this weekend. The animated feature tells the story of the title character, Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho), a young girl drawn to the ocean despite the safety of her home, Motunui Island. When her home island is threatened, she sets off to find the demigod Maui (voiced by [read more…]

A little bit of Britain, a little bit of Ireland and little bit of something completely individual is how residents describe the capital of Northern Ireland. Emerging from last century’s political turmoil — the period between the 1960s and 1998 commonly known as “The Troubles” — Belfast seems to have finally found its own stride, [read more…]

What are long-weekends for if not getting the hell out of Dodge in search of sunshine and higher temps? To help you plan a quick escape, here are six awesome warm weather getaways perfect for a three-day excursion. Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty Images Antigua Most U.S. cities offer relatively affordable and easy flights to the luxurious Caribbean Island [read more…]

From family holidays to romantic getaways, memorable travel moments are often spent with others. But sometimes, traveling alone can unearth unique experiences that are otherwise unattainable when navigating the wants and needs of a group. To find out more, we turned to question and answer site Quora, asking, “what is it like to travel solo?” [read more…]