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The truth is we are all getting older every year; there is no escaping it. If you’re really passionate about travel, you’ll likely want to see the world, the entire world—all 195 countries of it. Sure, we can travel when we’re old, but there are some places that will be harder to reach at an [read more…]

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most high profile gigs in music. You get only 12 minutes, maybe less, if you’re sharing the stage. For some, it’s a blur of glory. For others it feels like an eternity set to fireworks. In it’s 50 years, the Super Bowl halftime show has certainly [read more…]

CheapTickets calls Chicago home, so we’re already familiar with how great the Great Lakes are. We loved this event’s challenge: to explore as many lake islands as possible in a week’s time. We know if we had it our way, we’d start with the lively party scene on Ohio’s South Bass Island and then take it easy [read more…]

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but everyone’s got one. This holiday season, feel free to sample the very best food traditions the holidays have to offer by checking out some of our favorite winter food festivals. RELATED: These are America’s most underrated food cities 9. Downtown Holiday Market – Washington, DC November 25–December 23, daily Feast on [read more…]

The family that travels together can still come home in one piece, with a little planning and plenty of patience. These tips will help you deal. RELATED: 7 underrated food cities in America 1. Avoid unnecessary stress. Traveling on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is asking for trouble. Adjust your arrival and departure days to avoid peak [read more…]

Los Angeles gets back into the NFL with the return of the Rams franchise from St. Louis. While the team awaits the 2019 completion of its multibillion-dollar stadium a few miles from downtown L.A., its home games are taking place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, also home to the University of Southern California Trojans. [read more…]

Booking tickets to your favorite college football game this season? You’re not alone. Last year, nearly 50 million people attended NCAA football games (get your college game tickets here), some traveling hundreds of miles. And the most spirited among them brought the party in the form of some serious tailgating. From helmet-shaped RVs to tailgating [read more…]

Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays. For some reason, the living thoroughly enjoy celebrating the dead and the after life… But who are we to complain? We love Halloween. Here is a list of how three drastically different cultures celebrate the dead. RELATED: Have the fright of your life at these haunted hotels Ireland [read more…]

Do you have what it takes to last the night at these spooky spots? Check yourself in to one of these haunted hotels to score a sleepless night of scary Halloween entertainment. RELATED: The country’s 4 best Halloween celebrations 5. The Pfister Hotel – Milwaukee, WI Baseball is a game of statistics, and teams throughout history [read more…]

The fire of NFL football has been relit in Los Angeles. And the torch of the Rams stadium at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was lit (literally) in front of a massive crowd of football fans a few weeks ago. With over 91,000 tickets sold for the opening game against the Seattle Seahawks, the L.A. [read more…]