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Note: All travel is subject to frequently-changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state, and local advisories before scheduling trips. 

2021 might well be the best year ever for summer travel jobs. In addition to the fact that the industry is roaring back thanks to vaccine rollouts, nothing serves better as an antidote to a year’s worth of Zoom classes or work meetings than a summer working in the real world.

Combining employment with exploration, these jobs are all perfect for discovering a new destination, no matter where your interests or skills sets lie. Likewise, while these jobs tend to be best for students, they’re ultimately perfect for anyone with the flexibility to pack up and move somewhere for a few weeks or months. And with tens of thousands of vacation rental options available, CheapTickets is the place to book your home away from home.

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Be a lifeguard on Florida’s best beaches

Everyone wants to hit the beach in the summer, and not just for the sun, surf and gorgeous views. The beach is as much a social destination as it is a recreational one, particularly once you’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19. Whether on the shores of Miami’s South Beach or at Gulf Coast beaches in Clearwater or Panama City, the lifeguard’s chair will make you both easy to approach and impossible to ignore.

Next steps: The best way to get a job as a lifeguard in Florida is to apply directly with the city or other jurisdiction where you want to work. Here is an example of a listing from the city of Miami. Note: You may need to be lifeguard certified as a lifeguard.

Go green on an organic Oregon farm

Of course, summer travel jobs aren’t only for beach bums and sun chasers. Another awesome destination to work during your break from school is the Pacific Northwest, and particularly Oregon. While some of these jobs pay a salary and others simply offer room and board, one thing is for sure: The only thing better than acquiring priceless skills you can use the rest of your life? Weekend trips to the Oregon Coast!

Next steps: Although you can apply directly with individual farms, this may be an arduous process if you aren’t familiar with different Oregon farms. Instead, farming organizations such as Beginning Farmers might be a better bet. Another option is joining WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), an org that links potential visitors with organic farming opportunities worldwide.

Bet on a Vegas casino job

Sin City might be known as a place to play, but it takes a lot of work to keep the lights on. One great way to live la vida Vegas and expand your horizons in the process is to work in a casino. Whether you try your hand at dealing or simply serve or bartend, just remember not to spend all your cash at work. The house always wins, as you’ll no doubt learn by the end of the summer.

Next steps: It’s a good idea to have a specific hotel, resort or casino in mind before applying for a Las Vegas summer job. Once you do that, apply directly. This application to work at off-Strip M Resort gives you an idea of what to expect.

Earn your hospitality chops in Alaska

Alaska is poised to come back in a big way this summer, as airlines increase their flights to the Last Frontier, which has opened its borders to all travelers who are vaccinated or test negative for Covid-19. Whether you want a career in hospitality or simply want to try something new, opportunities are numerous: Volunteer in a hostel in Sitka, man the front desk at a resort in Denali or (fingers crossed) work on one of the cruise ships that will hopefully soon return.

Next steps: Dedicated job boards for prospective Alaska summer workers are your best friend. For example, Alaska Tour Jobs is one of the largest and most detailed collections of such positions.

Pick blueberries in Maine

Next up on the list of summer travel jobs is another that takes you outside. This one is in beautiful Maine, whose pleasant days, cool nights and refreshing Atlantic sea breezes make it irresistible. That’s before you even consider the beauty of its many blueberry farms, or the fact that you’ll almost certainly get to taste the literal fruits of your labor.

Next steps: The website Live and Work in Maine aggregates listings from local employers, including blueberry farms (this one spotlights Wyman’s), as many of these have neglected or non-existent websites.

Apprentice with Utah’s adventure class

Utah punches far above its weight as a travel destination, whether you hike through its stunning National Parks, or enjoy the sublime beauty of Salt Lake City, one of the most beautiful and unique US state capitals. While there are many places in Utah to work for the summer, a particularly attractive one is the adventure capital of Moab, famous for skydiving, rock climbing, and its proximity to Arches National Park.

Next steps: Researching individual tour companies, most of which are small, independent businesses, is the best way to get your foot in the door.  Not all offer seasonal employment, but some (such as Adrift Adventures) are more open to the idea than others.

Wait on New York royalty in the Hamptons

In spite of its ubiquity in media, the Hamptons is a relatively well-kept travel secret. On one hand, many people assume they’d never be able to visit because of its high-flying (and high-dollar) patrons. On the other hand, so much of the Hamptons are rustic farmhouses, wind-swept beaches and other bits of bucolic scenery. Live both these realities when you work in a restaurant or hotel here. Wink and smile at celebs when you’re on the clock, and go off the Hamptons’ beaten path in your free time.

Next steps: The East Hampton Star, one of the most popular local newspapers in the Hamptons, maintains a job board. Click here to check out some of the most current opportunities!

In summary, whether you end up pursuing one of these summer travel jobs, or have simply seen a seed of inspiration grow inside you, one thing is for sure: You won’t be staying in the same place once temperatures heat up. Working in a different city or state is the best of all worlds. It puts money in your pocket, work experience on your resume, and friends and memories into your heart for a lifetime. The challenge now? Stop daydreaming and start applying. (Pro tip: Buy yourself a plane ticket as a present for landing your dream gig!)

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