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Most hot springs are believed to have therapeutic and healing properties. Combine that with amazing scenic settings, and it’s easy to see why so many people seek out these natural waters. If you feel like you need a relaxing soak, here are five of the most beautiful natural hot springs you can enjoy right now.

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Travertine Hot Springs: Bridgeport, CA

Whether you’ve just hiked an Eastern Sierra peak and need to soothe some sore legs, or you’re looking for a geothermal soak with million-dollar views, Travertine Hot Springs is your spot. These rustic, natural mud floor “tubs” are located a few miles off Route 395 just south of Bridgeport, making them easily accessible to all visitors. If the first pools are taken, fear not: Your private outdoor oasis awaits you in a grassy meadow just a short walk to the east. Check in at the Walker River Lodge in Bridgeport, then visit these springs for a relaxing sunset soak while Sawtooth Ridge erupts in an Insta-worthy alpenglow.

Trail Creek Hot Springs: Cascade, ID

Picture this: Pillow-soft flakes silently fall around you, painting the surrounding rocks and towering pines in a fresh snowy blanket as you bask in a soothing hot spring. Sound like something from a dream? Well, it’s not because this dreamy destination is real, and it’s only 20 miles from Cascade, Idaho. Simply park your car in the lot along Warm Lake Road, then traverse the short trail to Trail Creek Hot Springs, and you’re there. Once you arrive, immerse yourself in the 116° waters in either of the two rock-walled pools. Pick the right time and you may just find yourself alone, making the decision to go out of your way for this soak deep within the Idaho wilderness worth the effort. At night, sip hot chocolate in front of your room’s fireplace at the Ashley Inn back in Cascade.

Valley View Hot Springs: Salida, CO

With eight different pools ranging from 93° to 107° to choose from, Valley View Hot Springs is the perfect spot for a relaxing soak, not to mention some pretty spectacular views of Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The top ponds are the most remote, taking about 20 minutes to reach via a steep trail, and offer great night sky views if you’re out after dark. If you spent the morning sandboarding at Sand Dunes National Park, a water massage underneath the falls at Waterfall Pond is the way to go. Stay the night in a private cabin here, or drive north to Salida for a tasty dinner and a good night’s rest at Browns Canyon Inn.

Deep Creek Hot Springs: Hesperia, CA

Hiking the difficult and steep two-mile trail from Bowen Ranch to Deep Creek Hot Springs is best done in the winter when the Mojave Desert is much cooler. But for those who brave the journey (and paid $10 per person for a day pass), your reward of ruggedly beautiful desert scenery, sweeping views and three natural soaking pools that range in temps from 96° to 102° await. Test your balance while slacklining, mix it up with a dip into the frigid river, or simply soak the day away in the rejuvenating waters of this desert retreat. The 900-foot trudge back up to the car is strenuous, but the comfortable beds at Springhill Suites in Hesperia will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Spence Hot Springs: Jemez Springs, NM

Chances are that if you’ve spent time in New Mexico, you can list off some of the most scenic locations in the American West. Add to that list as you soak up the views from the 100° waters of Spence Hot Springs overlooking Jemez Canyon. A short half-mile hike off Highway 4 north of Jemez Springs is where you’ll find this gem, and once you’re there, the small yet beautiful pools surrounded by trees and lush mountains might make this your new favorite spot in the state. If you’re spending the night in Santa Fe, check out Pueblo Bonito Bed and Breakfast Inn. This cozy spot is just four minutes from the historic Santa Fe Plaza.

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