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If you’re thinking about road-tripping to the beach to escape your daily routine and make the most of what’s left of summer, you’re not alone. Obviously, it’s important to pack suntan lotion, sunglasses and a comfy chair, but here are some other cool gear ideas to make your sunny day even better.

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1. Solar-powered phone charger

We know how streaming and texting drains a phone battery, so why not use the sun to re-charge your devices? The BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger is a cinch to use: just expose the four large panels to the sun to charge your phones, tablets and e-readers or go-pros. Just double check before you head to the beach to ensure your device is compatible. There are 3 USB ports permitting you to charge multiple devices so it’s ideal for a day at the beach.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Who doesn’t love the sound of your favorite tunes on the beach? Pack this small but powerful Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth wireless connection in your bag and your whole crew can hear music as they bake or build sand castles. One charge can last up to 6 hours, its waterproof and there’s even a built-in microphone to take a call on the beach! This speaker is also sturdy and will last well into next summer.

3. Portable glass holder

For beach days that beckon fun, relax with wine or a cocktail while lounging. You may worry about spilling your wine, but the genius WineGrasp is a neat glass holder that has a clamping system and rubber grips that easily attach to a variety of outdoor chairs, tables and any surface up to one inch thick. The WineGrasp keeps your drink upright and provides a safe and sturdy safe place to set a stemmed wine, martini, margarita and champagne glass. This product is easy to take with you and is portable and lightweight.

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4. Multi-functional beach towel

Compact and lightweight, the DryFoxCo towel is absorbent and quick drying and boasts a water-resistant pocket for securely concealing your valuables. This is especially nifty if you want to store your phone, money and keys while taking a dip. This extra-large microfiber towel is reversible and offered in stylish designs.

5. Wearable hand sanitizer

We are all reaching for hand sanitizer these days, but what happens when you’re at the beach and realize you forgot your bottle of sanitizer? WatchOut offers a better solution. Instead of carrying hand sanitizer, you can wear WatchOut on your wrist like you would a watch or bracelet. Just pick one of nine colored watch bands, pop in the portable bottle of hand sanitizer, and use it to clean sticky and dirty hands.

6. Waterproof wearable phone pouch

If you worry about your phone while you’re in the water, or just like having your phone on hand at all times so you don’t miss a single photo opp, the LENPOW Waterproof Phone Case is a cheap, easy and safe way to take your device with you. The clear plastic pouches come in four packs for about $12.

7. Inflatable lounger

Beach days are all about relaxation, so what better way to really embrace that than with a Lamzac Original Air Lounger. This comfy cushion is easy to inflate—no pump required—and comes with a carrying bag and spike to secure it on windy days.

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