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Gorgeous pink beaches, coral reefs full of colorful fish, and plenty of places to dive and snorkel—that’s enough for many families to fall in love with Bermuda. But almost everything about Bermuda is easy breezy, too, making it a great choice for an affordable, stress-free family getaway. Here are 13 reasons the whole family will love Bermuda.

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1. Insta-famous beaches

Pink sand beach in Bermuda

Pink sand beach in Bermuda

Let’s cut to why most people come to Bermuda: gorgeous pink sand beaches! The island destination has 34 public beaches to choose from, from Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is fringed by dramatic cliffs, to John Smith’s Bay Beach, a great choice for families thanks to a reef that keeps waters calm and boats at bay.

2. Easy to reach

Getting to Bermuda is relatively easy: It’s located just 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, so the flight is relatively short and inexpensive from many US airports.

3. Easy to navigate

Add to that that Bermuda is a British Territory, so the official language is English, making it easy for American travelers to get around. But despite its British connection, Bermuda uses USD as its currency, eliminating the need for exchanging money. What’s more, it’s one of few weather destinations with no Zika threat—the authorities keep a tight watch on mosquito control.

4. Lodging for every budget

While the Caribbean is not generally known as a great choice for budget travelers, Bermuda offers accommodations at every price point—from the modest Greensleaves Guest House to the charming Aunt Nea’s Inn where kids stay free.

5. Your choice: snorkel, scuba or snuba?

Old ship wreck in Bermuda

Old ship wreck in Bermuda

Famous for its coral reefs and shipwrecks, Bermuda has virtually limitless opportunities for snorkeling and diving, or taking one’s first ever scuba lesson. Inexpensive and tailored to children’s needs, Tobacco Bay Beach and Snorkel Park Beach rent out snorkeling gear, while Island Tour Centre offers budget conscious boating and snorkeling tours. Fantasea Diving and Watersports offer affordable packages for novice scuba aficionados. Done enough snorkeling but not sure scuba is for you? Try “snuba”—Bermuda’s best-of-both worlds option—a hybrid of scuba and snorkel gear, which pumps air through a hose connected to the diving mask.

6. Sealife at BAMZ

Lionfish at the Bermuda Aquarium | Photo: Lina Zeldovich

Want to know more about the picturesque fish you’ve seen through your mask? Stop by Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, aka BAMZ in the Flatts Village of Hamilton parish to see its 140,000-gallon “North Rock” tank, a living replica of one of Bermuda’s coral reefs—and read all about purple sea fans, barracuda, groupers shark, star and brain corals, as well as the beautiful but invasive Lion Fish. In addition to marine life, BAMZ also features land creatures, including Madagascar lemurs and Galapagos turtles, one of which recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Lastly, it runs a rehabilitation clinic that nurses injured animals back to health and then sets them free. Their most recent and very unusual patient was a gray North Atlantic seal treated for a respiratory infection and flown to the U.S. where she was released into Nantucket Sound.

7. Whales and other wildlife

Take a wildlife watching tour to see Bermuda’s marine inhabitants. | Photo: Lina Zeldovich

In spring, Bermuda welcomes its largest visitors—humpback whales, which pass the island on their annual migration up north to the their feeding waters in Canada, Greenland and Iceland. If you’re in Bermuda during whale season, make sure to take one of the whale watching tours to see these astonishing 40-ton marine mammals feeding and leaping out of the water. Other wildlife, such as turtles, birds and dolphins can be spotted during various seasons.

8. Local lore

There’s hardly a more captivating way to learn about Bermuda’s tales than its national museum. Located in Royal Naval Dockyard, the National Museum of Bermuda features the Hall of History—a 1,000-square-foot, larger-than-life mural painted by local artist Graham Foster in the Commissioner’s House. It took Graham over three years and 7,000 hours of research and painting to complete this mural which portrays scenes from more than 400 years of life on the island—from the 1609 wrecked ship Sea Venture that led to the island’s first settlement to modern day cruise ships. Her Majesty The Queen came to Bermuda in November 2009 to officially open this historical work of art.

9. The Bermuda Triangle explained

Opened in 1997 to explore the mysteries surrounding the legendary Bermuda Triangle and its famous shipwrecks, among other secrets of the sea, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute masterfully unwraps the island’s history. Visitors can trace the 24 most famous vessel disappearances within the Bermuda triangle on a new interactive table-like map—the activity is captivating for the entire family. Weaving together old fables and modern science, the museum presents 13 scientific theories (a fitting number!) explaining the unusually high number of shipwrecks around Bermuda, the navigational difficulties of planes and boats, and even the mysterious lights reportedly seen over the water.

10. The hidden underworld of Crystal Caves

Inside Bermuda’s Crystal Caves. | Photo: Lina Zeldovich

Legend has it that in 1907 two boys were playing cricket and lost their ball, which seemed to have fallen into a deep pit. Using ropes and a kerosene lamp, the boys climbed down into the pit, where they discovered a small lake among the stalactite and stalagmite structures. Named Crystal Caves, it is a hidden gem in modern day Bermuda that stays cool and pleasant even in the summer heat. Crystal Caves offers regular tours for all ages and it’s not uncommon to see a wedding taking place in there, too.

11. Sweet treats everywhere

From home baked cakes and cookies to specialty ice-creams, the island towns of St. George and Hamilton boast a variety of sweet spots to satisfy anyone’s cravings. For baked goods and cookies, try Tuck Shop or The Bridge Trading Post. For frozen treats, stop by Bailey’s Ice Cream Parlour—or go to Yo Cherry!, which Bermudians says is the island’s most popular spot for family dessert.

12. Dining both kids and adults love

Who says kids should have all the fun? Adults deserve some as well. Want a taste of truly Bermudian gastronomy? Stop by Seaside Grill, which specializes in seafood, including sandwiches made with raisin bread and fish that was caught only hours ago. How about an authentic Bermudian drink to wash down that supersized sandwich? Swizzle Inn, one of the island’s beloved pubs, serves the local specialty rum swizzles—a must try. For family-friendly places, opt for diners like Paraquet and Specialty Inn, or the Italian restaurant La Trattoria.

13. Shop for local specials

A 19th century perfume recreated from a bottle found in a sunken Civil War runner, sold at Lili Bermuda. | Photo: Lina Zeldovich

The concept of “special” takes on a different meaning here. Bermuda offers rare handcrafts, jewelry, souvenirs and locally made rum, among other items you won’t find anywhere else. For a truly unique gift, stop by the Lili Bermuda perfumery to savor Mary Celestia—a 19th century perfume recreated from a bottle found in a Civil War blockade runner that sank near Bermuda. Discovered by local divers and reconstructed by a team of archaeologists and perfumers, this is a truly unique fragrance and a real Bermuda special.

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