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So, you’ve decided to save money and book a hostel, eh? First of all, good move. While some hostels still live up to their reputation as party hubs (great—if that’s what you’re into), the term has diversified to include pretty much any location with shared facilities. What even better is that they’re often centrally located and some are even housed in spaces with fascinating former lives or intriguing histories. Here are some of the more interesting choices around the world.

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Clink 78

Photo courtesy of Clink 78

Clink78: London, England

Charles Dickens worked here (back when he still needed a day job), and The Clash were held here after they were arrested. But you don’t have to acquire a rap sheet to spend the night at Clink78, a former courthouse/mini-jail in London’s King’s Cross St. Pancras neighborhood. If the location, with access to everything, doesn’t convince you, the theme will. Try staying in one of their cell rooms, or drink at the Clash bar until (almost) all your dreams of becoming an incarcerated British punk come true.

Firehouse Hostel

Photo courtesy of Firehouse Hostel

Firehouse Hostel: Austin, TX

Sure, almost every hostel has a bar—but how many have a genuine speakeasy? Located behind a bookshelf in the lobby (natch) is one of Austin’s best bars, featuring small-batch distilleries, deeply discounted happy hour specials, and an ever-rotating schedule of DJs and musicians—meaning you don’t have to step foot off the property to appreciate the creative city’s charms. Did we mention the hostel is housed within the city’s oldest fire station? How hot (we couldn’t resist) is that?

Jumbo Stay

Photo courtesy of Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay: Stockholm, Sweden

Staying in a decommissioned Boeing 747 during an airport layover may be the travel equivalent of dividing by zero, but Jumbo Stay, located in Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, is here to make your absurdist dreams come true. Decked out in Pan Am blue, a nod to its former life, the functional interior also features overhead lockers, mini bunk bed dorms, a handful of private rooms, and the best “sleeping on the plane” experience you’re likely to ever have.

Hostel Fish

Photo courtesy of Hostel Fish

Hostel Fish: Denver, CO

A 120-year-old building, and former brothel (ooh la la) turned art hostel? We’re listening. If the extreme Rainbow Bright-levels of color on the walls don’t seal the deal for you, perhaps the hotel-quality beds or one free drink per resident during the 7-8pm happy hour will. (Isn’t that the only perk you really need?)

HI Pescadero Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Photo courtesy of HI Pescadero Pigeon Point Lighthouse

HI Pescadero Pigeon Point Lighthouse: Pescadero, CA

A crumbling California landmark turned functional hostel, Pescadero Pigeon Point Lighthouse puts all your nature dreams within splash distance of tidal pools, oceanfront walks and even a hot tub at the ready. Even if you’re not prepared to hang ten (or hang any for that matter), the stunning sunsets are worth shaking sand out of your shoes.

Railway Square YHA

Photo courtesy of Railway Square YHA

Railway Square YHA: Sydney, Australia

If you spent your youth reading Boxcar Children, you’ll dig Railway Square YHA, a hostel built into Platform Zero of Central Station in Haymarket, Sydney. Live out your transpo dreams while actually dreaming on former transport. Bonus: The location, literally right in the middle of the train station, is perfect if you need to catch a (moving) train in the morning.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Photo courtesy of Fauzi Azar Inn

Fauzi Azar Inn: Nazareth, Israel

Embrace the historical importance of the Holy Land by staying at Fauzi Azar, housed in a former 200-year-old Arab mansion. In addition to dormitory-style rooms, they also offer ensuite options, free tours and cake. Who doesn’t love cake?

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