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So, you’ve decided to stay at a hostel. But this is your vacation, and even though saving money is a concern, you’d like a little something extra for your hard-earned cash. Good news, you’re not alone. With an ever-increasing market for budget travel, hostels are bulking up their stable of extras. Need some reading material, new ink, or just a cool place to grab a drink? Yeah, there’s a hostel for that. Read on to find out which locations will help take your trip to the next level, at a fraction of hotel prices.

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MANGA art Hotel: Tokyo, Japan

Manga, Japan, Tokyo

Manga Art Hotel

A budget bookworm’s paradise. For a low price, get all the manga (a Japanese style of comic books) you want in both Japanese and English, and a cozy place to read them in one of their gender-segregated cocoon-like dorms. Best of all: every title is available to purchase, as well. So, snuggle up and pick out your vacation souvenirs.

Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia: Barcelona, Spain

Sant Jordi, hostel, Barcelona

Photo courtesy of Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia

A skateboarder’s paradise, located in one of Barcelona’s best skating neighborhoods. Brush up on your skate history thanks to the in-house museum of the sport, or try out your skills in the common-area half-pipe.

Urban House: Copenhagen, Denmark

Urban House, Copenhagen

Photo courtesy of Urban House

A kitsch-heavy hostel located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood (red light district and now hip hangout). Relax in their beanbag-rich lobby while running a load of laundry in their retro-chic black-and-white laundry room. You could also rent a reclaimed bike here or, if you’re feeling truly daring, pay tribute to the city’s seafaring history with a retro style tattoo from their in-house tattoo parlor.

Hub New Lisbon: Lisbon, Portugal

Hub New Lisbon, hostel

Photo courtesy of Hub New Lisbon

Sure, we could tell you about the primary-colored dorms. They also have foosball tables and video games. And an upscale terrace bar selling artisanal cocktails. But the real selling point here is a ball pit. Yes: a ball pit.

Bambuda Lodge: Isla Solarte, Panama

Bambuda Lodge, Panama, hostel

Photo courtesy of Bambuda Lodge

Bambuda Lodge, located in the heart of the Panamanian rain forest, is the perfect place to escape. And—bonus—the whole hostel runs on rainwater and solar energy. If you’re up for an adventure after a drink or two, grab a ride on the waterslide that runs directly from the bar to the lagoon below. Good news: Yelling “Wheee!” is pretty much universal, so go ahead and shout it as you splash down.

Eastern & Western Comfort Hostelboat: Berlin, Germany

hostel, berlin

Photo courtesy of Eastern & Western Comfort Hostelboat

Make like a pirate and take to the water, or at least a canal on this floating hostel located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood. Head to the roof for a view of Germany’s capital of cool and sip a drink on the boat’s floating lounge. (Yes really!)

Swanky Mint: Zagreb, Croatia

zagreb, hostel

Photo courtesy of Swanky Mint

Located right in the middle of old town, Swanky Mint is the former home of a 19th century textile factory. (Because everyone knows some of the best hostels have fascinating former lives.) This is a paradise for those looking for a great waterhole, with three bars on the property, and a free welcome shot of rakija. Bonus: There’s also a seasonal terrace pool, just in case you need a refresher after a long evening of knocking one—or several—back.

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