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Not everyone is a natural born photographer. And not everyone is a pro at posting on Instagram. But when we travel, we want to make sure we capture all our great memories and, of course, share them with our friends. Here are some tips on how to craft the perfect Instagram travel post.

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First, tips on how to get the shot:

eiffel tower and friends


Make sure your subject is in focus and positioned in the place where your eyes go to first. Have two subjects like your friends standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? Move back and maybe even squat down to make sure you get the full background in your frame. After all, you traveled all this way to see it. Now make sure you get it in the picture!

Man taking a photo of a girl in Havana Cuba against a yellow wall


Everyone’s heard of the “golden hours” of shooting. Sunrise and sunset are undoubtedly the best times for that soft, inviting light. If you want to get the best shots of a certain place, revolve your itinerary around that time. Come midday, the sun will be directly above you. Use that time to play with colors because they will be at their brightest. Find colored walls or places with neat shadows and stick your subject around that area.

leaning tower of pisa


It may not be everyone’s favorite, but here’s a tip for those who love getting the playful perspective shots at places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Let your subject decide where to stand and then you as the photographer, move around to get the desired angle. It takes too much time to tell your buddy, “Move to the right. No…too much—now move back a little…no move to the right 2 inches…”

posting on instagram

You got the shot, now share it! Follow these tips to make sure your post is seen:


Especially when traveling, your audience will want more substance, more context for your photos. Talk about the place you’re exploring. What are you doing? What are you looking at? What are you eating? Include your reaction to the place. People like to feel connected, so put your real thoughts out there. Be authentic. Be conversational. Try this and you’ll get more comments.

Mix it up with broad and specific hashtags

Users have a limit of 30 hashtags, and according to Hootsuite the average of 9 receives the most engagement. For broad themes, use universally popular hashtags (like #photooftheday, #nofilter, #wanderlust, to name a few).  To get more specific, hashtag the location (and geotag it), as well as the restaurants and shops you experience. Using a mix of both will ensure an uptick in your engagement.

Save your hashtags

It’s easy to forget a hashtag on every post. Save your most used in a notes app on your phone so it’s easy to copy and paste into the ‘gram.

Use Stories to really get seen

Don’t forget to post on Stories, too! According to Social Media Today, 500 million people are using Stories daily. It’s another great way to show your trip in real time, like walking through an art gallery…or your 10 course meal… or the cute beluga whales swimming next to you. Get creative!

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