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Heavy metal behemoths Metallica have hit the road this summer for the band’s latest tour, as have late 80s/early 90s hard rock gods Guns N’ Roses, which means you’ll soon hear some monstrous riffs emanating from your local stadium or arena.

Make sure you get your tickets now at, and then make sure you find the best place to raise the horns before or after any of their shows. To help you along, we’ve tracked down a great metal bar located in (or around) every US city that Metallica and Guns N’ Roses are stopping through, so you can rock on among fellow metalheads.

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Ottobar, metal bar, Maryland

Ottobar | Flickr photo courtesy of Apium

Baltimore, MD (Metallica only)

Though its calendar is mostly populated with indie rock acts, music venue Ottobar celebrates its roots each week on Metal Monday, when DJs spin everything from thrash to death metal.

Philadelphia, PA

Heavy bands rule the lineup at Philly dive bar Kung Fu Necktie—there’s even a monthly Heavy Metal Karaoke night where you can sing (or strum) along to some brutal tunes.

Dingbatz, Clifton, New Jersey, Metal

Dingbatz | Flickr photo courtesy of Ryan Varsi

Clifton, NJ (Metallica only)

Throw on a black T-shirt and step into Dingbatz (northwest of MetLife Stadium), an unassuming watering hole with gothic décor and a jukebox stocked with your favorite metal albums.

Brooklyn/NYC, NY

If you’re new to metal bars, Lucky 13 in Gowanus provides a crash course on the aesthetic: Horror movies play on the TVs, lighting is dim and the absinthe menu is formidable. Show up late and you’ll even find go-go dancers gyrating atop the bar.

Buffalo, NY (GnR only)

Buffalo could well be the most underheralded metal mecca in the nation (this is the home of Cannibal Corpse, after all). Though you’ll have to dig a little to discover the scene, metal fans will find likeminded locals at bar and live music venue Waiting Room, which features live acts in an intimate 600-capacity setting with two stages.

Boston, MA

You probably won’t hear Pantera blaring through the soundsystem at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, but the gothic décor, crimson lighting and Diablo margaritas make this feel like a secret metalhead hangout.

Day by Day at Churchill’s Pub | Flickr CC: Meline Gharibyan

Miami, FL

It may share a name with a certain former British prime minister, but there’s nothing stodgy about the music at Churchill’s Pub, where you’ll find punk, jazz, country and metal acts holding down the stage nearly every night.

Orlando, FL (Metallica only)

Disney has a habit of banning metal acts from playing at the House of Blues inside its theme park, so head for The Haven—an alt-rock club that welcomes acts cast out of the Magic Kingdom.

Cleveland, OH (GnR only)

Cleveland’s best metal bar is actually in the burbs. At Dark Room in Broadview Heights, metal music and horror films rule supreme: You’ll find metal, hardcore, punk, industrial and other jams loaded on the jukebox, and horror posters, a life-sized grim reaper and casket setting the atmosphere.

Columbus, OH (Metallica only)

It’s not exactly a metal bar, but Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar makes and serves the stuff that Vikings drank, so you can order a glass, put in your earbuds and blast some Amon Amarth.

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Miss May 1 at Triple Rock Social Club | Flickr CC: Derrick Austinson Photography

Minneapolis, MN (GnR only)

While Prince and the Replacements are the most well known acts to come out of the Twin Cities, the Triple Rock Social Club keeps metal alive with regular live shows. Bonus: The owners, who are well known around town as members of punk band Dillinger Four, also offer a solid veg-friendly dinner menu.

St. Louis, MO

Stop by the Crow’s Nest on Saturdays and Sunday for the Metal Brunch, which features Decappetizers, Judas Feasts and a Bloody Mary made with pork au jus.

Dawes at the Rev Room | Flickr CC: ljcurletta

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock churned out doom metal act Pallbearer, so it’s no surprise to find the metal scene here is thriving, which is not to say you don’t have to dig a little to find it. Head to local venue the Rev Room and you’ll find everything from indie rock to reggae on the concert calendar, as well as a good smattering of metal shows.

Houston, TX

Located just blocks from the House of Blues and the Toyota Center, Dirt Bar is typically filled with concert-goers knocking back pre- or post-show drinks amid lighting that resembles stalactites and blaring rock music.

Soundpony | Flickr CC: Nicolas Henderson

Tulsa, OK (GnR only)

You’ll find everything from DJ nights to soul nights to trivia nights at beloved Tulsa bar Soundpony, but metal heads won’t want to miss the monthly Live Band Heavy Metal Karaoke Night, featuring Satanico and the Demon Seeds.

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Las Vegas, NV (GnR only)

A welcome antidote to the sleek, techno-pounding clubs of the Strip, the heavily grafittied, delightfully divey Double Down Saloon offers booze, free live music, and gambling, all under the tagline “Shut up and drink.” It’s open 24 hours, offers $20 puke insurance for less sure drinkers, and serves up oddball cocktails that  might include Twinkies or Slim Jims.

San Antonio, TX

Don’t come to Bonds 007 Rock Bar expecting to drink martinis and gaze at spy gadgets. Instead, this Texas dive hosts shows from local metal acts and serves cheap Jaeger shots.

Dallas, TX (Metallica only)

With motorcycles parked out front, live music in the back and plenty of cheap booze in-between, Reno’s Chop Shop is the kind of bar that bikers and metal lovers can agree on.

Kuma's Corner, metal, Chicago

Kuma’s Corner | Flickr photo by Lindsey Turner

Chicago, IL

All three locations of Kuma’s Corner serve fully-loaded burgers named after metal bands (accompanied by a high volume soundtrack)—the beefy creation bearing Metallica’s moniker comes with applewood smoked bacon, buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.

Winston-Salem, NC (GnR only)

In Greensboro, about a half hour from Winston-Salem,  the Somewhere Else Tavern serves up all-original live music, including plenty of metal and hard rock acts. The cover for most shows is just $5.

Trve Brewing Company | Flickr CC: Greg Willis

Denver, CO

Pentagrams, candles and spooky black and white photos line the walls at Trve Brewing Company, a heavy metal brewery where you can drink a pint while Skeletonwitch blares in the background.

Atlanta, GA (Metallica only)

There can only be one amazing place to wolf down burgers while head banging in Atlanta, and it’s called The Highlander. Prove that you’re worthy of partying here by eating an entire plate of the spicy ghost pepper-jack cheeseballs.

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Detroit, MI

The owners of legendary Detroit metal venue Blondies have moved on to Harpo’s, a theater built in 1939 that has been transformed into the ideal place to have your face melted by some wicked guitar solos.

Los Angeles, CA

Countless heavy metal artists have passed through the doors of the Rainbow Bar and Grill (from Alice Cooper to Motörhead frontman Lemmy), a Sunset Strip club that serves pizza and plenty of classic riffs.

Cobra Arcade Bar | Flickr CC: Lauren Topor

Phoenix, AZ (Metallica only)

What’s better than listening to some sick ’80s metal riffs while you’re racking up a high score on a retro Q-Bert arcade cabinet? Cobra Arcade Bar let’s you do it with a beer in your hand—just show up before the line snakes down the block.

San Diego, CA (Metallica only)

The food at Kindred may be vegan, but the chugging power chords playing through the sound system and the giant wolf sculpture on the wall betrays this bar’s metal roots.

San Francisco/Oakland, CA

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap beer in the Lower Haight, Molotov’s boats a bargain priced menu for you to peruse while you admire the dogs (Fido is definitely welcome here), tattoos and ‘80s metal jukebox selections of your fellow bar patrons.

Highline Bar | Flickr CC: Morgan Davis

Seattle, WA

The center of Seattle’s thriving metal scene is Highline Bar, a vegan venue (yes, there’s a mushroom sandwich called the Weedeater on the menu) that hosts cheap concerts and mixes up some affordable cocktails.







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