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Swimming pool + cocktail + you = Vegas paradise, right? Well, almost. While the daytime pool scene in Las Vegas has become a major spring and summer draw to the city in recent years, not all resort pools are the same. From DJ-driven scenes that easily attract crowds well into the thousands to cozy rooftop hideaways where the biggest thrill is whichever book you downloaded on your Kindle, here are the 10 best Las Vegas pools based on your personality type.

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Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, gambling, pool

The aquatic playground at Mandalay Bay | Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts

The beach bum: The aquatic playground at Mandalay Bay
For you, the antiseptic swimming pool just doesn’t cut it. True paradise in your opinion includes the constant rhythm of crashing waves and the squish of hot sand between your toes. Well, if there’s one thing a desert has in abundance, it’s sand and Mandalay Bay has dragged in 2,700 tons of it to recreate an oceanfront vibe, complimented by a 1.6 million gallon wave pool. Ditch the lounge chair and slap your towel right down on the ground or rent your own cabana—they’ve got 100 in total! After a few minutes on their beach your opinion of the actual ocean might just be: What’s the point?

Las Vegas, pool, Bare, Mirage

Bare at the Mirage | Photo courtesy of Hakkasan Group

The exhibitionist: Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage
That trip to the French Riviera left quite the lasting impression and these days, your idea of the perfect swimsuit is a one piece—as in just the bottom half. Enter Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage, an adults-only escape where you can toss the bikini top aside. Shaded by palm trees (perfect for keeping the gawkers at bay) and intimate by Vegas standards, this 14,000-square-foot oasis is home to two dipping pools (we love the above ground one) and a minimum number of cabanas and daybeds. Word to the wise: Arrive early.

Las Vegas, gambling, hotels, pool

Citrus Pool Deck at the Downtown Grand | Photo by Jason Heidemann

The insider: Citrus at the Downtown Grand
You live in Sin City or know it like the back of your hand and hate that it’s overrun with bachelorettes and the bros who love them. No problem. One of the most unpretentious pool scenes in town happens daily at the Citrus Grand Pool Deck off Fremont Street. A true locals’ hangout (admission to this downtown gem is free, but lounge chairs go very fast), the Grand‘s rooftop pool is downtown’s largest and an oasis of urban calm, including chill mid-century decor and cocktails and snacks crafted in part with garden fresh ingredients grown poolside (whaaat?!). Bonus: The music here won’t rupture an eardrum. In short, it’s heavenly.

NightSwim, XS, Wynn, pool, Las Vegas, gambling

NightSwim at XS | Photo by Danny Mahoney

The night owl: Night Swim at the Wynn
Your Vegas motto is “go hard or go home” to the point where you don’t even get out of bed until 3pm (your porcelain skin withers under even the faintest ray of desert sun anyway). Enter the nighttime pool party. At the Wynn that means both extending its Encore Beach Club into Friday and Saturday night while moving its massively popular XS Nightclub poolside every Sunday evening. Picture lavish stage shows, pyrotechnic displays, marquee names (Skrillex, Diplo and Chainsmokers, etc.) and a sea of soaking wet millennials on the make. Is it relaxing? Not at all. Is it fun? Hell, yeah.

Temptation Sundays, Luxor, pool, Las Vegas, gambling

Temptation Sundays | Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts

The gay guy: Temptation Sundays at Luxor
Yo, gay dude, we’re guessing you’re pretty disappointed that a city made up largely of glitter and sequins is actually depressingly straight. Despite its hetero bent, the sun shines gaily at long-running Temptation Sundays, a smorgasbord of hard bodies in Speedos that takes over the sprawling Oasis Pool at the Luxor every Sabbath. Unlike most pool parties in Vegas, this one gets going late (duh), but rest assured come 3pm the boys and booze are out in full force. All genders and gender expressions are welcome, of course, but we’re not going to lie—it’s pretty much man soup out there.

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Flamingo, Las Vegas, Hotel, Gambling, Pool

Beach Club Pool at the Flamingo | Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

The family guy: Beach Club Pool at the Flamingo
In a city of extremes, is there a happy medium to please both parents and children alike? The answer might be the Beach Club Pool at the Flamingo. Looking for water slides? The Flamingo boasts a trio of them. Looking for exotic animals? The outdoor Wildlife Habitat is close by and boasts koi fish, turtles, swans, pelicans and Chilean flamingos (including two twice daily feedings). Looking to keep an eye on your kid at all times? Relax, the pool is perfectly sized that you’ll never lose sight. As for adult pleasures, there is always a cocktail server close at hand.

Rehab, Hard Rock Hotel, pool, las vegas, gambling

Rehab | Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

The spring breaker: Rehab Beach Club at the Hard Rock Casino
Millennial tomfoolery is the foundation upon which the Vegas pool party was built, so if it’s Cancun-style antics you seek, this town was practically made for you. Of all the parties where you can unchain your inner party monster, Rehab at the Hard Rock is famous as the originator of the Vegas pool party. DJ blasting loud music? Check. Exclusive cabanas? Check. Outrageous drinks? Ridiculous contests? Bikini invitationals? Check, check and check. Best of all, Rehab opens earlier in the season than some other Vegas pools for its month-long Rehab Spring Break beginning late March. Let the drunk times begin.

Wet Republic, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, gambling, pool

Wet Republic at MGM Grand | Photo by Imagery Powers

The EDM fanatic: Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand
You’re not in Vegas for the gambling and you’ve done the Cirque thing. But being the EDM fan that you are, you wouldn’t dare miss nights at mega-club Hakkasan and days spent poolside at Wet Republic. Many a pool scene boasts DJs du jour, but this 54,000-square-foot playground is full of thrills that surprise even a seasoned dance music fanatic like yourself. Top  talent in 2017 includes Steve Aoki, Tiësto, DJ Shift, Zedd and others. Oh, there’s also six VIP dipping pools, VIP cabanas and daybeds galore, and an open-air lounge stretching a quarter the length of a football field.

Vdara Pool and Lounge, Las Vegas, pool, gambling

Vdara Pool & Lounge | Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts

The Gen Xer: Pool & Lounge at Vdara
You wear the proper amount of sunscreen, you prefer a good book over booking it to the bar and turning 35 ranked as one of your best birthdays ever. You love your adult life and require just the right scene to go with it. Enter the Pool & Lounge at Vdara, a sun-kissed terrace oasis and attitude-free zone where the servers are friendly, the pastel color scheme calming and the music kept at a respectable enough decibel that you can actually hear the sound of the pages turning in that great book you’re reading. They say Vegas is fun for about 48 hours, but you could lay by this pool forever.

Las Vegas, pool, gambling, Strip, Cosmopolitan

Dive in Movies at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | Photo courtesy of the Cosmopolitan

The Cinephile: Dive In Movies at the Cosmopolitan
You love the movies, but are dying to enjoy them in the sartorial comfort of your trunks or a bikini. We got you, boo. Every Monday at 7:30pm during summer, the outrageously hip Cosmopolitan screens a Hollywood flick (think Jaws, Dirty Dancing, Clueless and, duh, Casino) from the cozy comfort of its elevated Boulevard Pool while the lights of the Las Vegas Strip glow in the background. Best of all, the screenings are free for guests and a mere five bucks for the rest of us. Entry’s first come first served, so there’s no VIP nonsense. And if the film gets too scary, just dunk under water.


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