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There may be cheaper cities in Europe, but dollar for dollar it’s tough to top Budapest. This Central European gem is jam packed with great sights, vibrant nightlife, and amazing food—all at budget-friendly prices. Here are our top 7 reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe.
Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

Beautiful Budapest split in two by the Danube River | Photo by

Lots of free things to do
Like the old saying goes, some of the best things in life are free and that’s true in Budapest. Many of the top sights around the city don’t cost a single cent. Without opening your wallet you can visit Heroes Square, climb castle hill, walk the Chain Bridge, and even join a free walking tour.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

One of the best views in the city is free | Photo by

It will smash expectations
Budapest is bigger and more impressive than most first time visitors expect and it’s full of amazing architecture and history. With a history dating back more than a thousand years, there’s plenty of great sites to explore. The city is so large it’s actually two cities in one. On one side of the Danube River is a medieval city of Buda, and on the other is the more modern city of Pest. Together they form the modern day capital and make for an amazing European destination. Be prepare to be blown away by Budapest.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

Getting around Budapest is a breeze, and budget friendly | Photo by

The public transportation is excellent
A solid network of above and below ground trains and buses connect the city making an easy and affordable way to get around. A three-day metro pass will set you back less than $10. Those in a hurry can download the Uber app; you’ll be amazed how cheap you can catch a ride in Budapest.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

Central Market Hall is a must visit while in Budapest | Photo by

The culture is easy to experience
Most visitors find Budapestians very friendly and eager to have a conversation. Even though the country was under communist rule until 1989, English is surprisingly widely spoken, making communication easy. Between the many museums and fascinating historical sites, it’s easy to get a sense of the culture in Budapest. Don’t miss the Great Market Hall where you can get the true sense of the city.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

Finding a cheap hotel in Budapest isn’t too difficult a task | Photo by

The hotels are budget friendly
Compared to other European cities, Budapest has no shortage of affordable places to lay your head. Save even more money if you stay just outside the main district (District 5). Good transport options make staying just outside the action an easy way to save some cash so you can have even more fun.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

You won’t leave Budapest hungry | Photo by

Food is cheap and tasty
Delicious traditional Hungarian fare will fill you up without emptying your wallet. Hungarians love hearty meals consisting of plates piled high with meats and sausage. A hefty portion will only set you back a few dollars.

Reasons Budapest is the best value in Europe-GettingStamped

Nightlife in Budapest is hard to beat | Photo by

Booze and nightlife are dirt cheap
Budapest knows how to party, however, a big night out won’t break the bank. Swing by some of Budapest’s famous ruin bars, or taprooms that have sprung up out of defunct warehouses. Budapst is famous for these quirky bars that have kept the decaying industrial vibe and brightened things up with completely random decoration. Be sure to grab a pint of local beer or a shot of Hungary’s favorite Pálinka liquor for one of the tastiest things to do in Budapest.

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