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Hopefully, at some point in your life, you’ve been lucky enough to trek across the globe with everything you need stuffed into a backpack, living wild and free as you hop from city to city, hostel to hostel. You probably didn’t eat especially well, but you drank plenty, learned new phrases, hit a lot of parties and made a ton of new friends—all while your parents assumed you were studiously charting the world’s cultural wonders (which you were, of course).

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You probably also heard a whole genre of music that seems to only exist in these far flung locales always inhabited by a perpetually fresh generation of backpackers. From that bar in Cusco where you finally relaxed with a beer post-Machu Picchu to that full moon party in Thailand where you danced until dawn, these are the songs you’ll only know if you’re a backpacker.

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*OK, so everyone knows Bob Marley but we had to include him on the list. You know, because he’s a  legend.


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