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For every amazing vacation destination, there is a similar, more affordable option—as long as you know where to look. Traveling is all about the experience and if you can have one for less dough, why wouldn’t you!? The next time you’re planning that perfect trip, peruse this list of affordable counterparts and see just how far you can stretch your dollar.

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1. The Hamptons v. Shelter Island, NY

Summering in the Hamptons has been a tradition for well-heeled New Yorkers for years. The uber-wealthy either already own a home there or rent a palatial estate by the month for no pretty penny. The rest of us pack into over-crowded summer shares with friends and squeeze onto the public beaches. If you’re over that scene (and who isn’t), head to Shelter Island instead. Situated at the far eastern end of Long Island, between the North Fork and the Hamptons, Shelter Island is laid-back, picturesque, much more affordable, and a million times more inviting than its counterpart. A two-hour drive from the city and you’re in another world. Shelter Island is accessible by boat only, but that’s no problem at all. A ferry from Greenport, Long Island, runs essentially every 15 minutes. Drive your car aboard, or take the train from NYC to Greenport and walk from the station to the North Ferry dock. The 5 minute boat ride is enough to keep out an obnoxious-sized crowd, so you can enjoy the island experience with much more peace and quiet than the overly trendy Hamptons nearby.

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2. Palm Springs, CA v. Scottsdale, AZ

Driving around Palm Springs, California, is like going back in time. The ’50s-style architecture, dubbed “desert modernism,” is prevalent from grocery stores to hotels. Truth be told, the city became popular long before the psychedelic ’60s. Frank Sinatra built a home there in 1947, fondly called Twin Palms, and from then on, rich and famous Hollywood starlets have spent both weekends and winters in this Californian desert oasis. If it’s golfing, hiking, and history lessons you’re looking for, with a side of warm, dry climate on the cheap, opt instead for Scottsdale, Arizona. A thriving food scene is driven by the area’s Southwestern cuisine, local museums give you a glimpse into the frontier culture, and nature preserves afford you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. This desert scene has a one-up on its California counterpart.

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3. St. Barth’s v. Guadeloupe

A vacation to the beautiful St. Barthelemy can cost a small fortune. It’s no wonder the island is a favorite playground for the rich and famous; open any gossip magazine and you’ll see sculpted celebrities frolicking on the beach of iconic (and expensive) hotels such as Eden Rock or Le Sereno. But if it’s the French Caribbean vibe you’re after, check out Guadeloupe Islands. Named one of the 52 places to go in 2016 by the New York Times, the island is on the verge of bursting onto the hotspot scene—meaning it hasn’t become overly expensive yet! Beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, and delicious French-influenced cuisine make it a sure rival to St. Barth’s, especially with flights as low as $79, depending when you book!

4. Nantucket, MA v. Kennebunkport, ME

People go to Nantucket for fresh air, good seafood and a relaxed atmosphere. But on this tiny island, just off the coast of Cape Cod, none of that comes cheap. Unless you are of the moneyed variety, complete with a sweater tied loosely around your shoulders, we suggest heading to Kennebunkport, Maine, instead. If it sounds familiar, perhaps that’s because former President George H.W. Bush and his family have a compound there and we suspect the famous Texans chose the locale because of the unpretentious vibe. You won’t find any expensive hotel brands here; instead look for locally-owned bed and breakfasts, beachfront boutique hotels or cabin-style accommodations tucked neatly in the Kennebunk woods. Looking for lobster? Local spots like Nunan’s Lobster Hut offer killer deals on hot boiled lobster dinners (two 1 1/8lb lobsters served with drawn butter, a roll, and chips for $25.99!) and nearby, the Clam Shack serves one of the best lobster rolls on the East Coast. They’ve won the New York Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble several years in a row, so be sure to stop in before you stroll around town. Get all the New England charm, without over-the-top preppy stylings in Maine’s beloved beach town.

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5. Paris, France v. Québec City, Canada

Paris embodies the romance and sophistication that Europe is so well known for. From high-end shopping along the Champs-Élysées to cappuccino sipping in Montmartre, the French capital has enchanted travelers for centuries. However, a trip to Paris is not always in the cards. It’s a rather long hop across the pond from North America and it can be quite an expensive city. For those looking for all the European charm a little closer to home, look no further than French-speaking Québec City in Québec, Canada. In summer, dine at a little outdoor café for lunch then stroll around admiring the magnificent 17th-century architecture of the colonial settlement. Come winter, meander along the cobblestone streets of their famed Christmas markets or visit the impressive Château Frontenac. With more direct flights than ever before and at a lower price point than Paris, Québec City provides a little Parisian charm on this side of the pond.

6. Las Vegas, NV v. San Juan, Puerto Rico

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…and that includes all the money you’ll dole out just to be there. Hoping to have some cheddar left over to hit the blackjack table? Think again! With show tickets and amusements costing a pretty penny, Las Vegas can get expensive quickly, so unless you’re a high roller and earned yourself a bunch of freebies, you’ll find it tough to entertain yourself and hit the casinos. Instead, head to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a weekend of gambling, golfing and beach-going (bonus!). Since it’s a U.S territory, you won’t need a passport and nice hotels—at a great price point—are just a 10-minute cab ride form the airport. Some of the hotel casinos are open all night and, like any good spot, as long as you’re gambling, the drinks are free. The Marriott San Juan has a fun casino, and the Ritz Carlton has a really nice one, as well. When you finally decide to put the chips down and get some fresh air, Puerto Rico has plenty of great golf courses. They also have something Las Vegas doesn’t: beautiful beaches… and going for a swim doesn’t cost a thing!

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7. Aspen, CO v. the Adirondacks, NY

There’s no denying Aspen, Colorado is one of the best places in the world to ski. With record amounts of snow each year, the slopes are sure to be covered in powder, meticulously groomed and buzzing with hoards of people. Many wealthy Europeans and Americans make this Colorado hotspot their annual winter escape. With them comes an array of high-end hotels and expensive restaurants. For a more low-key scene, check out the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. The area is home to Whiteface Mountain, the fifth tallest peak in the country and one of the best places to ski on the East Coast. With the largest vertical drop in the East (3,430 feet!) and 87 trails, Whiteface Mountain presents skiers with challenging slopes and long, fun runs. Twice host to the Winter Olympic Games and only 5 hours north of New York City, Lake Placid is an oasis of outdoor activities and relaxation. When you’ve finished with a day full of winter activities, pop into a pub or find a relaxed, local spot for dinner.

Photos courtesy of Compass and Twine

8.  Cabo, Mexico v Tulum, Mexico

The beautiful beaches and fun, carefree atmosphere of Mexico have long attracted travelers from every corner of the globe. Los Cabos, on the west coast, is a wildly popular destination for good reason. A string of stunning and impressive high-end hotels line Cabo’s rocky shoreline. However, in recent years, a new player has come on to the scene in Mexico—Tulum. Few coastlines brandish as much natural beauty as the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s eastern side. Brimming with character and local charm, you won’t find a single Marriott in Tulum. Boutique hotels range from luxury, eco-conscious accommodations to affordable beach bungalows. No matter where you stay the entire town exudes a relaxed bohemian vibe. This little (but growing) Mexican beach town will capture your heart from the moment you step onto its white sands.


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