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There are still places in the world where you don’t have to spend much money to have an amazing trip. In fact, the easiest way to elevate the way you travel is by changing your itinerary to one of these exotic destinations, not adjusting your budget. Live like the trip-hacking royalty that you are with our handpicked list of the best value places in the world!

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You need to see for yourself how amazing and cheap Vietnam is! | Photo by

There’s possibly no place on the planet where you’ll get more for your money than in Vietnam. If you thought Thailand was cheap, just wait. In this Southeast Asian gem, you can regularly find 4-star hotels for under $20 nightly. Regional flights are super affordable, and bus transport costs peanuts. It’s almost hard to spend a lot of money in Vietnam. A delicious bowl of pho will set you back a dollar and beers can be found for as cheap as 10¢ a glass. Spending more than $15 per day on great food would likely expand your waistline rapidly. While there might be a cheaper country out there, Vietnam is hard to beat with the quality level of rooms, food, and experiences you’ll get for the money.


Guatemala is one of the most underrated destinations around with prices to match. | Photo by

While the masses flock to pricey Costa Rica, savvy travelers head to beautiful Guatemala. In the country’s most popular tourist city of Antigua, rooms in a charming colonial-style hotel with mountain views won’t set you back more than $25 per night. Traditional Guatemalan meals are hearty and flavorful, yet easy on the wallet coming in around $3. Finish the day with rooftop sundowners with volcanic views for under a buck. For the price, it’s hard to beat the natural and cultural beauty of Guatemala.


It doesn’t cost much to find yourself on amazing beaches like this one in the Philippines. | Photo by

The Philippines
In the South China Sea are the 7,000+ gorgeous and very cheap islands of the Philippines. For an affordable and authentic trip, consider far-flung islands like El Nido in the Palawan, where you can score a beachfront room with a jaw-dropping view for less than $30 per night. While tourism is on the rise in the Philippines, there are still thousands of relatively untouched islands yet to explore.


Come check out India, a heavyweight in the budget travel game. | Photo by

There are few places in the world where you can see and experience as much for as cheap as in India. The subcontinent has something to suit every interest and is jam packed with culture. Here you can find stunning beaches, wild wetlands, barren deserts, bustling cities, and peaceful mountains. While India is home to the Raj Palace, the world’s most expensive hotel, ($45,000 nightly), most places cost less than $15 per night. Food in India is as cheap as it is flavorful and even a trip to world wonder Taj Mahal won’t break the bank.


You can’t go wrong with a trip to Thailand. | Photo by

This perennial backpacker favorite is still one of the world’s best value-travel spots. Thailand has it all, from beaches to culture, and at ridiculously low prices. Sink your toes in the sand in southern Thailand where beach side bungalows can be found for less than $25 nightly. Deliciously spicy curries will fill you up for around $4 a plate and drinks are cheaper than at dive bars back home. While Thailand is more than just beaches, even the big city of Bangkok goes easy on the budget.

Cuba Photos-GettingStamped-9

Better to get to Cuba soon, while it’s still cheap. | Photo by

With Cuba’s official monthly wage hovering around $25, you might expect the cost to travel to be among the cheapest in the world. While it’s not as cheap as you thought, it still has to be one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations out there. Rooms in Cuba will cost anywhere from $15–$35 nightly for a clean and comfortable place to lay your head. While the food in Cuba gets a bad rap from some, there’s no denying that a giant Caribbean lobster for $5 is a pretty good deal. You might want to head to this one-of-a-kind budget gem soon: Warming relations with the U.S. mean change is on the horizon.


Think you can’t afford Mexico? Think again! | Photo by

With the Mexican Peso dropping to 10-year lows, our southern neighbor’s most popular tourist destinations are cheaper than they’ve been in years. From the powder white sands of the Yucatan to the rocky shores of Cabo, now’s the time to head south. The country’s long history of tourism still puts Mexico on the higher end of this list, but it’s still a great budget beach vacation close to home. For a uniquely affordable getaway, trade in touristy Cancun for the laid back and budget friendly Tulum where hotels can be had for only $20 per night. Get more tasty al pastor tacos than you can handle for around $4, leaving plenty of dinero for some late night tequila. Outside the big resorts, this all-inclusive hot spot is surprisingly budget-friendly.


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