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Do you have what it takes to last the night at these spooky spots? Check yourself in to one of these haunted hotels to score a sleepless night of scary Halloween entertainment.

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Pfister Hotel

Lobby at the Pfister Hotel | Photo courtesy of the Pfister Hotel

5. The Pfister Hotel – Milwaukee, WI

Baseball is a game of statistics, and teams throughout history have gone to great lengths to get an edge over their competition. The Milwaukee Brewers however, take it a step farther, pulling possibly the most nefarious trick in Major League Baseball. In order to make sure opposing players hit the field less-than-rested, the Brewers arrange for opposing clubs to stay at the Pfister Hotel – which just so happens to be one of the most haunted places in the state of Wisconsin. Many players have stories of the unsettling phenomena that occur at the Milwaukee‘s Pfister. Brandon Phillips, second baseman for The Cincinnati Reds, told Sports Illustrated strange things began happening the moment he checked in. While sitting on his bed, the radio suddenly turned on. He turned it off and got in the shower. When Phillips was finished, he left the bathroom to find the radio had been turned on again. Another baseball player, Carlos Gomez, currently an outfielder for the Texas Rangers, was so scared during his stay at the Pfister, that he took his bat to bed with him. Gomez only got about 2 hours of sleep over his three-day stay. Hats off to the Brewers for being the only team in baseball to try to haunt their opponents, but it turns out all that ingenuity may be for nothing. In 47 years of being a club, the Brewers have only made it to the World Series once, in 1982, where they lost to the Cardinals. And they say the Cubs are cursed.  

Casino at Bally's

The casino at Bally’s | Photo courtesy of Bally’s

4. Bally’s Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

Located on the Vegas Strip, Bally’s Las Vegas was formerly the MGM Grand before the hotel had a huge fire in 1980. It turns out it takes more than a name change to separate Bally’s from it’s tragic past. Hauntings are more common on the upper floors where guests frequently complain of the smell of smoke, even 36 years after the fire. Firemen’s ladders in 1980 were only tall enough to reach the 9th floor, leaving 14 stories of trapped residents to fend for themselves. The sounds of a little boy screaming have been reported from the 17th floor, only to fade into coughing and eventual silence. The ghostly figure of an old lady enveloped in a cloud of smoke has also been said to frequent the attached casino. She can be seen sitting and smoking while playing two slot machines. As witnesses get closer, they see that the smoke surrounding her is not from her cigarette, but billowing from the flaming hem of her dress.     

Stanley Hotel

The infamous Stanley Hotel | Photo courtesy of the Stanley Hotel

3. The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, CO

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is often mentioned when the topic of haunted hotels comes up, and for good reason. The hotel is famous for spooking author Stephen King so badly that it inspired “The Shining,” and management at The Stanley have fully embraced their haunted history. “The Shining” plays on loop on the TV in the guest lobby and the hotel recently renovated to add a replica of the hedge maze from the film. The most common specter that guests come across is Mrs. Wilson. A former employee of the hotel, Mrs. Wilson is known to tidy up rooms and fold guest’s laundry. Seemingly a kind spirit, she is also a bit modest, and has on occasion gotten into bed with couples to force them apart.

the Emily Morgan

A room at the Emily Morgan | Photo courtesy of the Emily Morgan

2. The Emily Morgan San Antonio – San Antonio, TX

If one of your ancestors happened to fight in The Alamo, great news – you may get to meet them! The Emily Morgan in San Antonio, overlooks the sight of the historic battle and eventual graveof over 600 soldiers. Through their windows, guests report seeing what appears to be the figures of soldiers stalking the land where their bodies were once piled and burned by General Santana’s men. Inside, the hotel has it’s own dark past, as well. The building was originally designed as a medical center, housing it’s own morgue and psychiatric wing. Today, the sound of gurneys being wheeled echoes down empty hallways, toilet seats are banged up and down by no one, and some have experienced the sensation of being touched by invisible hands. The hotel elevators are known to take you to the basement – the sight of what used to be the morgue – without the button being pressed. The problem continues despite multiple inspections. Even if this is one of the more intense paranormal experiences on the list, not all of the ghosts that haunt the Emily Morgan are malicious. A guest on the third floor described being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a little girl singing to herself. Sure enough, on the edge of the bed was a small child who looked directly at the guest and asked if they would like to sing along.

the Congress Hotel

Lobby at the Congress Hotel | Photo courtesy of the Congress Hotel

1. The Congress Plaza Hotel – Chicago, IL

The Congress Plaza Hotel is one of only two hotels in Chicago with high enough security clearance for a Presidential visit. Given its reputation for hosting world leaders you might feel safe booking a stay, but keep in mind, the Congress Hotel is also considered one of the most haunted places in America. H. H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer, was known to stalk the lobby of The Congress to scope out potential victims for his own murder-hotel. Al Capone, who once called a room on the 8th floor home, is also said to roam the halls of the North Tower. Another common phenomena visitors report is a mysterious ghostly hand which passes through the back wall of the coat closet. It is believed to belong to a construction worker who got stuck behind the wall while it was being renovated and was “plastered alive.” Still, nothing gets more panicked calls to the front desk than room 441. Some that stay the night describe a female form that creeps to the edge of their beds and kicks the frameto startle them awake when they begin to fall asleep.


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