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Let’s call camping what it is: an excuse to eat s’mores. So why not skip the tent and go straight for the good stuff? Here’s where to find that trifecta of summertime flavors, minus the bug bites. And these s’mores desserts aren’t the kind you can make ’round the campfire.

1927Smores' eponymous s'mores desserts.

1927Smores | Photo courtesy of Kris Leboeuf

Nineteen27 S’moresPortland, OR As the legend goes, the first documented s’mores recipe appeared in a Girl Scouts handbook in the year 1927. The troops would be proud of this new-millenium update: a s’mores food truck (yassss) serving handmade graham crackers with filling options like chai-spiced marshmallows, lemon curd spread and chocolate fudge. At $4 per s’more, you should be able to try them all. Scout’s honor.

Burger Tap and Shake — Washington, DC Your inner child will feel naughty indulging in the Bad Cubmaster ($8.50), a boozy milkshake of Smirnoff marshmallow-flavored vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, vanilla ice cream and graham crackers in a frosty glass. Adulthood has its privileges.

Beavers Donuts' version of s'mores desserts: tiny donuts covered in marshmallow, chocolate sauce and graham cracker dust.

S’mores mini donut | Photo courtesy of Beavers Donuts

Beaver’s Coffee and Donuts — Chicago, IL Your mom probably won’t cosign on this breakfast idea, but we can’t think of a better way to start the day: fried-to-order mini donuts topped with chocolate sauce, marshmallow sauce and a dusting of graham cracker crumbs. Pricing starts at $2 for four mini-donuts, plus $1 for toppings.

Trophy Cupcakes — Seattle, WA Martha Stewart called these Chocolate Graham Cracker cupcakes “utterly delicious,” so who are we to disagree? Sink your teeth into a bittersweet chocolate and graham cracker crust, chocolate cake and marshmallowy meringue icing. We’d give it a trophy.

Beckett's Table

Bacon Dipped S’mores | Photo courtesy of Beckett’s Table

Beckett’s TablePhoenix, AZ Your arteries may beg for mercy, but your tastebuds will thank you as you dive into the restaurant’s signature Chocolate Dipped Bacon S’mores. This s’mores dessert is just what it sounds like, with an added sinful element: peanut butter.

Bryan Street Tavern — Dallas, TX This hangout spot is the place for live music, poker and unfussy food. If your appetite is the size of Texas, finish your meal with the S’mores Pizza ($6)— a 9-inch pie of  marshmallow, graham cracker and warm chocolatey goodness baked in a stone fired pizza oven.

Paris Creperie's crepe-style s'mores desserts have all the good stuff packed inside.

Photo courtesy of The Paris Creperie

The Paris Creperie — Boston, MA Everything’s classier in French, so s’mores get a Parisian twist at this East Coast eatery: a “graham cracker infused crepe” (how do they do it?) stuffed with Nutella and marshmallows, plus more marshmallows on the outside. The treat comes in petite ($4.29) and regular ($7.99) sizes.

Frozen S’mores

Frozen S’mores at Dominique Ansel Bakery| Photo courtesy of Thomas Schauer

Dominique Ansel BakeryNew York, NY The mastermind behind the Cronut has found another way to attract droves of customers to his SoHo bakery: The Frozen S’more. It’s a honey marshmallow wrapped around homemade, Tahitian vanilla ice cream (how is that even possible?), and covered with cripsy chocolate feuilletine wafers—all torched and served on a smoked willow branch, natch.

S'mores mochi

S’mores mochi | Photo courtesy of Simply Mochi

Simply MochiSan Francisco, CA These bite-sized Japanese s’mores desserts get an all-American twist: mini marshmallows covered in chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbles. At just $1.40 to $2 a pop, you might as well order a bunch. Local delivery is available.

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