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CheapTickets’ CheapCash rewards program has hit one million members, and counting! Meaning that one million of you out there are racking up CheapCash on every flight you book, making your hotel stays even cheaper.

But enough about us, let’s talk about Haley A, our millionth customer and winner!


As a reward for being our one-millionth member, Haley will receive $1,000 in CheapCash to use on her next vacation. We caught up with her to not only break the good news, but to find out what she planned to do with all that Cash. Here’s what she had to say:

So why did you and your husband join CheapCash?

Well to be honest, we were booking with another site for a long time and their prices just weren’t jiving with us anymore, so we figured we’d just kind of check around. And that’s how we found your site, and we’ve actually been using it ever since.

Whatwas the last trip you took?

The last trip was to Roseville, California, actually. I’d been doing some car shopping and I didn’t want to drive back at night, so I used [CheapTickets] to get a room there.

What will you do with the CheapCash?

We’re going to take a trip to probably Nevada and look at property out there. We’ve got family in different parts of Reno, so we’re looking there. And Arizona as well, and New Mexico. We want desert land, is basically what it is.

What’s the best vacation you’ve taken?

Bahamas. We stayed at the Sands, I believe it was!

What’s your dream vacation?

Definitely Italy. I would love to explore my ancestry. That’s where my family is, in Sicily.

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We’re looking forward to hearing all about Haley’s and her husband’s trip to Reno. Here’s hoping they find that dream property, and that they send us pictures. And that they use any leftover CheapCash to plan that Sicily jaunt.

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