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Would you like fresh beats with that?

The Guardian recently reported that psychologists have (finally) found a connection between music enhancing the flavor of food. Lead researcher Professor Charles Spence summarized the experience to the magazine.
“It is an exciting area: how soundscapes come together with taste to make the whole experience more enjoyable. It’s a kind of digital seasoning,” said Spence.

When it comes to the pairings, Spence found people matched descriptions of sounds to tastes. For example, sour was associated with high-pitched music, whereas sweetness paired better with rich, full-bodied sounds. With this logic, Spence determined that bitter tastes would go with deeper tones.

So, without further ado, check out this list of foods you have to pair with concerts for an ultimate taste and ear bud combo:

1. Sweet and Sour Pork and Panic! At The Disco
California is home to some of the best ethnic foods, and Chinese food is no exception. No need to Panic! over how perfect this food combination is. This punk-pop band is just as unusual of a combination as mixing sweet and sour, but somehow it just works.

2. Chicken-fried steak and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis
Okay Oklahoma, you have our attention. Enjoy this state’s signature blend of meats with Mackelmore’s iconic blendof musical eras. Plus, Mackelmore would be impressed with how thrifty you were getting your tickets!

3. Sugar cream pie and Salt N’ Pepa
Sugar, spice and everything nice coming at you from good old Indiana. Enjoy the sweet styling of the salty rapping duo over an equally sweet pie.

4. Chicken biscuits and Grace Potter
This flaky and buttery yet juicy combo is almost the same description fans use to describe Grace Potter’s vocals. This concert and food pairing will have you drooling from start to finish in Atlanta.

5. Bison burgers and Jason Aldean
Pretend this hunky country artist rounded-up thatbison in the North Dakota grasslands just for your burger. Together, these two hunks of meat make for a delicious evening.

6. Lobster rolls and Vance Joy
Freshly caught in a Riptide, Maine’s lobster is some of the best in the country. You’ll need a bib for all the butter that will be consumed – and we’re referring to both the velvety voice of Vance Joy and the silky meat of a freshly cracked claw.

7. Chile con carne and Madonna
These two bold flavors can be found in the state where bigger is better, Texas. Both have a spicy, yet complicated bark to their bite, and when they come together it makes for one emotional experience.

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