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Tailgating: The time-honored camaraderie of strangers who come together to cheer on their favorite team, and jeer at any opponents who had the audacity to show up on your home turf. Luckily, the hot dogs, burgers and overflowing team spirit necessary for such an event don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Follow these simple tailgating tips to have the best, cheapest tailgate this NFL season, without your wallet suffering from a severe case of deflategate.

Rule 1: The golden ticket

Saving should start before you even think about planning for the tailgate. Tickets to the big game itself are easily the biggest expense you’ll encounter on this journey. Fortunately, cheap tickets for good seats are easier to come by than you think, and with all that money you save you’ll have some extra cash to spend on the goods (beer).

Rule 2: Location, location, free parking lot

Do you really need to be right next to the stadium to have a fun tailgate? Skip the expensive parking fees and save on gas because you won’t have to wait in treacherous lines trying to escape the parking lot. Plus, you’ll often find some pretty spirited fans to party with in the free lots anyway.

Rule 3: Getting creative with merch

Yes, you have to look the part, but pro shops usually have some pretty pricey merchandise. The good news is: you have options that don’t require spending the lion’s share of your savings account. Head to your nearest thrift shop and create a snazzy ensemble repping your team’s colors. Or, better yet, dig around and see if you can find some vintage gear from tailgates past, and feel good about your own recycling chops.

Rule 4: BYOC (Bring your own chili)

Food is one of the most important components of a successful tailgate. In the spirit of competition, why not makeit a little challenge? Invite your friends to bring their best chili and garlic bread recipes—you’ll avoid fronting all the food costs yourself, and you’ll finally figure out which of your friends are good cooks (bonus points if you’re friends with a chef or two). And carbing up before the game will save you from dropping tons of money at the stadium’s concession stands.

Rule 5: BYOBB (Bring your own beverages in bulk)

No way around this one. Alcohol is expensive, so it’s easiest if everyone chips in. But of course, buying in bulk will help you save a couple of bucks, and hopefully it means one less overpriced beer you’ll have to buy at the stadium.

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